help please!! I need to make a decision!


Cosmetics Case or Save $

  1. Get the cosmetics case.. it's so cute and LE

  2. Save your money for the bag you want!!

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  1. I can buy the violet vernis cosmetic case tomorrow or I can save that money toward the Passy in my wishlist.. what would you do??
  2. Save for the passy! I looked at the cosmetic cases and they, indeed, are really beautiful. However, I just thought $385 (or somewhere around there) was a lot for a makeup bag that I'm going to throw my makeup in and I ultimately just couldn't bring myself to do it. It's almost enough for a new wallet that would last for years and years. The other thing that worried me was sometimes the edges of the sharper vernis items (like a four key holder) can get a little dark and I was worried about the vernis.

    The passy is a beautiful bag. That's a big chunk you could put towards it. However, the cosmetic bag is a limited edition, so if you do really love it, you might want to go ahead.

    Ah - I'm no help, am I?
  3. I'm kind of in the same situation and I say save your money! It's just that much faster that you'll get the bag that you really want! I know it's really hard, but you'll be glad in the end!
  4. Someone correct me if I'm wrong but, if cassis is a seasonal color, then getting the Passy in that color theoretically makes it an LE item?

  5. The SA told me that it is "seasonal" meaning it should be around for however long they decide to keep it .. could be years. I haven't been buying LV very long... how long do they keep the colors around?
  6. Definitely save up for the Cassis Passy .... :tup:

    It is absolutely gorgeous.
  7. Get the bag - worth it in the long run. You can always pick up the other item on eBay eventually.
  8. LOL, I'd get the cosmetic case. I hate waiting. I am never able to "save up" cause I always spend it on something else...
  9. I say save up for your wishlist bag.
  10. Save up for your bag, you will have more use of a bag.
  11. Definitely save up up for Ms. Passy ... she's worth the wait!
  12. Save up and get the bag! :tup:
  13. lmao im the only one that voted for cosmetic... well what i usually do is just purchase what ever to try it, and if i dun like it, i have a month to save up for another bag.
  14. I vote for the Passy! I think the vernis cosmetic case looks too fragile for everyday use (to me, anyway... I'm a fan of stuffing my cosmetic cases to the brim, so I only use free ones LOL)!
  15. This is so me^^ :p