Help Please I need a pic

  1. HI all I need your help

    I need a full on forward facing pic of the damier mini pochette without the chain over the bag I've looked at a million threads but everyone has the chain hanging over the bag please please help so again quick recap

    Front facing
    Clear shot
    Chain not over bag
    damier mini pochette

  2. Would a Azur mini pochette without the chain help you any???
  3. that is a perfect pic but I really need the ebene colour but thank you anyway
  4. I'm sorry...:shame:
  5. oh no, no need to say sorry at all I just realised I didn't even say which damier I wanted
  6. what is it for (if you don't mind me asking ..) im curious.

    ps only have mono canvas :/
  7. :graucho: it's a surprise but it's worth it trust me
  8. hope this helps. is this the one?

    my plug here> for sale on the mp! ;)

    Hope i don't get in trouble---can edit----or delete. oh im going straight to pf h*ll!

    anyway i thing its the right pic!
    IMG_0937.JPG IMG_0939.JPG IMG_0940.JPG IMG_0938.JPG
  9. lemme guess- you're gonna photoshop the trunks and bags logo on it? :graucho:
  10. maybe but I don't have photoshop it's for someone else
  11. What?:confused1: No one has one in ebene Damier?
  12. I KNOW!!! there are ton's of them out there but looks like the owners aren't checking this thread
  13. I have one! I'll go take a pic now!

  14. I have a regular size damier pochette accessories, not the mini...would that be of any help?