Help please! I don't know which bag to get!

  1. Hello,

    I'm having a bit of a dilemma. I've been wanting a brown/tan bag for work for awhile, but kinda gave up on the idea because I couldn't find one. Then I found this gorgeous yellow MJ bag, which is a bit out of my price range...

    It'd be great for spring/summer, but I'm worried about it getting dirty! And not sure how much I'd use it.

    Then I found a lovely brown Radley bag (for those from the US it's kinda like the UK version of Coach I guess). I like the medium brown shoulder bag.

    This is half the price of the other one. I love both! I can't buy both, so help me decide please :confused1:

    Lol and please try and be unbiased towards the mj bag...:shame:
  2. It says the item is sold out so I can't see which MJ style. Anyway, you are in the MJ forum so expect a lot will pick MJ ;) I am not too crazy about the style of the Radley bag.
  3. Yea - the link to the MJ bag you posted isn't working. Do you know if it was a Marc by MJ bag or a MJ bag? I think almost everyone here is going to vote for MJ regardless - you might try posting the same question in the "Handbags & Purses" thread where you'll probably get more unbiased opinions
  4. I think the style was the Marc by Marc Jacobs Quinn (it says on the top of the page when you click the link!)
  5. is this the bag you're talking about? if it is, id pick this one, the yellow shade is very pretty :love:

  6. yeh it is :smile:
  7. I think it's adorable!! I think yellow would be a great color for spring. Just keep a pack of baby wipes in the bag in case you run into any dirt.