help please!! I can't upload pics for my listing..

  1. I am trying to list some items, and whenever I try to upload the pics it just doesn't do it.

    it keeps telling me that I haven't selected a pic to upload but I have. I looked on eBay and they state to delete cookies and resize, i did both and it just doesn't work.... what am I doing wrong?

    It seems they changed the pic uploader, right? bec last week everything was still fine and it is different now.

    can anyone more comp-savy than me please please help.....

    thanks in advance
  2. Hrm, this is odd. My pictures worked perfect for me yesterday. What browser are you using? IE? Or Firefox?
    I run firefox, and the other day I had to delete my cookies to view a webpage, but even though I had deleted them it hadn't worked and I still couldn't access it. I had to reboot the computer before it'd work. Maybe try rebooting if you haven't already? :smile:
  3. ^ thanks!!!! that is a good idea - yes I am using firefox. maybe I should use explorer.... that hadn't even crossed my mind. :heart: thanks again!
  4. I never upload pictures to eBay. Except for the gallery picture

    I use photobucket and put the html code in my description.

    So maybe try that?