Help PLEASE~~~~~ I can't decide between these 2 pairs of betsey johnson!

  1. [​IMG]or
    help!!! for the first pair i slightly prefer the pink one to the black..:tup:
  2. i like the 2nd one better!
  3. i like picture #1!!!
  4. I like the first ones.
  5. the second looks cute, don´t really like the first one.
  6. They both are super cute, but I really like the first pair much better. And I really like them in both colors. If you can only buy one, go for the first pair, but I think you should spurge and get em both!!!! I love bj shoes!!!!
  7. I like the first pair better.
  8. i think the second pair are super cute!
  9. I like the second ones better :smile:
  10. The 2nd ones:biggrin:
  11. the second ones.
  12. Hi,

    I like the 1st pic.

  13. I like the first in brown!
  14. I like the first.
  15. I like the first picture and prefer the tan ones