Help Please -Hunting Louboutins Lady Gres

  1. Hi wondered if anyone on here can help. I have seen a pair of C. Louboutin Lady Gres Pumps on Saks website, they are showing them in yellow in the picture, but when you scroll down to get your size the only colours coming up is Bordeaux and green.

    Has anyone seen these in yellow and if so where.
    Thanks everyone.:smile:
  2. I know NAP isn't getting them. NM online isn't showing them as well. I would suggest calling a NM/Saks and see if they are available in store b/c at least w/ NM their online buying is different than their in store one. Basically, just b/c I see something on the NM website, it doesn't mean that the store ordered it.

    I have photos from the Horatio Street CL boutique, and they didn't include any pictures of the Lady Gres in what I think is called the saffron (foxy you can correct me LOL) colorway either (only black), but they could be getting it later this month? I know you are in the UK, so call at noon US time if you can! :smile:

    P.S. I bet the color isn't showing anymore b/c they sold out pre-order wise. I'm sure you can find them in a Saks store. :smile:

  3. Saich2 - the lady gres in saffron is at Barneys in NYC. I saw it there a few days ago. It is almost a mustard color correct? And I believe that they were also at Saks in NYC, I know that I saw the grey, black, brown and burgundy versions in suede and leather, but I cannot recall if they had saffron. Good luck in finding them, it is a beautiful shoe.
  4. Oh thanks you guys, knew if I posted on here PFM would come to the The Louboutin store in London is getting the purple and grey in these shoes, but not this yellow/mustard colour. Saks will not send to the UK I am afraid, do not know about Barneys but will try.
    Thanks again
  5. Good luck, it sounds beautiful.