Help Please! How to safely remove smoke odor from LV

  1. Hi all!
    Does anyone know if it is possible to safely remove smoke from a monogram Speedy? I had obtained an absolutely exquisite Speedy 25 on ebay nearly 2 months ago Came with keys, keeper sack, box and cards. But it smelled of smoke! I really coughed. Had contacted seller, she siad it belonged to her sister, a smoker. How mean! She suggested I use Febreeze. I placed it on closed a box with cloths containing Febreeze and kept it that way for a week. No way air it outside, because it will disappear. It calmed down signifigantly inside, but the handles....I don't know what to do. I have to sell this one, because I hadn't used it; and just blew a wad at Louis Vuitton. It's a shame, it looks beautiful. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  2. Thanks!
    I wasn't entirely sure there was a thread here. . .I was trying to find some solutions and must have got it confused with another one.
  3. I spread some ground coffee on a paper towel and locked the bag inside a bin bag for a week.
    After a week it smells like coffee so needs airing again.
    Smoke smell away.
  4. I’ve used the odor eliminator from Norwex. It is the only product that removes all traces of cigarette smoke. It come concentrated and u mix it with water in a spray bottle. Smells like baby powder but that smell wears off eventually. I’ve used it on leather and fabric and always have success.
  5. Bought a preowned LV Alma. It reeked of cigarette smoke right out of the box, which was not disclosed. I tried those carbon block closet fresheners, dryer sheets, coffee grinds, leaving the bag sit outside in sunlight, pretty much everything you read about. Nothing worked. Seller took the bag back. Cigarette smoke ruins bags. Just think what it does to lungs.
  6. I got one of my family members old Gucci bag, and both she and her husband smoke so it reeked.
    I placed some real charcoal (made from burning hardwood in a fireplace) in a bag, and left it there. I also placed a cloth soaked in Zero Odor inside.
    I put the bag inside a plastic bin for a week and the smell really lessened.
    I aired it outside with the charcoal and Zero Odor inside and now I can't smell any cigarette.
    It's a shoulder strap bag, so I don't know if handles would still smell?
    It's worth a try. Good Luck.