Help please. How to have fluffy hair in humidity?


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May 10, 2006
Hi, Gals, I need your help.

I moved to the Pacific Northwest where it rains all the time so it is humid all the time.

I have very wavy, very fine hair. When the weather is not humid (rare!) my hair is nice and fluffy. But when there is moisture in the air, the waves flatten. Unevenly, of course. Not a good look for me.

I've tried so much hair spray that I have helmet head when I leave home. I even back-comb the roots a little bit before spraying. But one hour later, I have lumpy wavy flat head.

Gels weigh my fine hair down.

Are the curl creams heavy, too?

I've been thinking about paying for a styling consult with a wedding hair stylist. They must know how to make hair look great for hours, even through dancing. Do you think this is a good idea or a waste of time?

I have a new sales job in the fashion industry so it's important that I solve my hair style problem.

I'd love to hear your tips!

TIA! :heart: :heart: :heart:


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Jun 1, 2006
Welcome to the Great Northwest!!

Yes, the moisture in the air either flattens hair or makes it poofy/frizzy...
The water in this part of the country is also much softer than in other places...meaning there are a lot fewer minerals in the water. That can change how your hair and skin feel too.

I would imagine you're looking for a new hair stylist if you are new in town...I'm sure any of them would be happy to do a no cost consultation with you on what they would recommend for styling products, etc!!

Please PM me if you want!


So Sweet!
Aug 2, 2007
Stay away from the hair spray. What you need is a silicone based serum. One of those slick polishing serums. I am from South Carolina, so talk about HUMID and the best thing I every found was Smooth Shine Polishing Hair Polisher...I also read hair polishers are the best for you hair if it gets limp or frizzy in humid weather. The silicone coats the hair shaft and protects it from the humidity. It might take a little time, because you do have to 'train' the hair. I would HIGHLY suggest using some type of polisher and it doesn't have to be expensive. I litte bit goes a long way. Garnier Frutrics also makes one that is really good.

Let us know how it goes.