Help Please--How heavy is this Chloe Paddy shoulder bag--pic

  1. Is this bag extremely heavy?

  2. No its not very heavy (compared to other chloes)....I had this bag and had one extra hole put in on the end of the straps to wear it messenger style and it was great for that!
  3. Depends what you're used to - Paddies can be heavy, especially if you're carrying them for a long period of time (ie. walking around all day) and if they're full of stuff.

    I've never carried this particular one, but I assume it's heavier than other brands, like Coach, Chanel, Dior etc.
  4. i love this bag and have been wondering the same thing!
  5. I have it and don't find it heavier than others, i actually like how easy it is to egress and obviously, love the look of it. I use it more than my other two because of ease of use.
  6. I don't think it's too heavy as long as you don't carry too many things inside of it
  7. Love the look of that bag, I used to think Paddy's were too heavy, either they've gotten lighter, or I'm tolerating pain for the sake of fashion.:rolleyes: I have a mocha front pocket and a patent whiskey dome, and neither seem as heavy as one I purchased a couple of years ago and returned because of the weight.
    The above style looks really 'user friendly'.