Help please! How do you store your Pandora's?

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  1. Did a search but couldn't find a topic on this. Also went through the care thread..

    I was initially storing my bag stuffed but now find it quite bulky and was wondering if it's okay to store it flat? I store my balenciaga's folded and was wondering if I may do the same or do you think that's crazy? Thank you!
  2. I always store my bags, no matter what style, stuffed with tissue, in the dustbag, away from light.

    It is a bulkier way to store bags but it keeps them looking creases from being folded, no imprints from hw or other things pressing against the leather...KWIM?
  3. I store mine stuffed then kept in a dustbag. My SA told me that its best to keep to keep it stuffed to avoid wrinkles and creases
  4. I've been using mine non stop since getting it but usually keep my bags in the dust bag, not got the room to stuff and store
  5. Flat- on the rare days when she is not on my arm! She hangs pretty flat when I carry her- it is the drape that I love. Storing flat just enhances that. Then again, mine is goat, which seems pretty impervious to creases. A softer leather might do better with some stuffing to avoid creasing.
  6. I stuff my goatskin Panda bag with tissue to avoid any creases/wrinkles that may appear if you store it empty. Better to be safe than sorry :smile: