Help please, how do I use "toutie" and what is it?

  1. or grechen? Still new here and really dumb about these things.

    I have read about these codes here but do not know where I get them or what they are and why do other sites honor them?

    I was buying something off of revolve clothing and came back to read some postings and some one was talking about a toutie code.

    and i still don't understand revolve clothing and emailing them about other codes?

    is there a posting that I could read or could someone fill in me on this.

    Thanks so much
  2. is a great site that advertises various sites with coupon codes that can be used when ordering. Most of the time, the code is "toutie" but youhave to check to be sure. is another great site that has various codes for online boutiques/sites.
    There is another site, that gives codes that can be used to get discounts off various shops as well.
    Good luck!
  3. Great thanks!

    I really appreciate the help.
  4. berta...another great site for codes is