Help please! How do I get my baby to eat?

  1. Hi guys, as some of you probably know that i have a 11 months old son. Well, this little fella is having feeding troubles right now.

    First of all, he hates sitting in his high chair, he cries for a little while every time i put him in that chair. I guess it's because I used spoil him and let him eat in his walker where he would eat his food.

    Secondly, he hates spoons. He likes me hand-feed him if it's the food he likes. Sometimes he cries as soon as he sees me trying to feed him with a spoon, without knowing what food it is.

    Anyways, here's my major concern, he only likes cheese, oats, yoghurt and custard. It seems like he wouldn't eat anything else. I don't cook much but I have tried my best to cook him meat, vegetables and so on. He just hates them. I'm really worried about his nutritional intakes if all he eats is dairy food.

    I have seeked professional help and all they told me was as long as he doesn't lose weight it's fine. (my son's still gaining weight) and another lady told me that "you rather have a baby that doesnt eat for a few days than having a fuzzy eater for few years." Her theory was take the food off my son and not to offer him the food he likes, so he doesnt get the message of it's ok to be fuzzy with food. She thinks that if he is hungry enough, he would eat whatever. and yes i have tried it out, and my son's ok with not eating!

    He was ok with eating solid when he was younger, and he's gone worse and worse now.

    Could you guys please share you experience with me? Sorry this was a bit long and I probably didnt make much sense, I'm just so upset, worried and stressed out. :crybaby:My son actually pushes/slaps my hand away when I feed him and there's food everywhere on the floor all the time. He also cries EVERY TIME he eats. It's so much of a mess for me right now and I dont know what to do!

    So, please help!
  2. Our children can worry us sick, can't they? The first thing I would do is take him to the doctor and make sure he is ok. Could he possibly have an ulcer in his mouth, or a sore throat? He may be teething and it may actually hurt him to eat, so I would rule those things out first. Within reason, I would give him what he wants to eat and as long as he isn't losing weight and is healthy, I wouldn't worry too much about the lack of vegetables and meat. Perhaps see if he likes any of the jars of baby food? (there is a really nice organic range here in Aus.)
    My son went through this and I was really worried because he seemed to want to live on cheese and cereal. I tried different ways to get him to eat "properly" but nothing worked until one day, out of the blue, he decided that he loved chicken and broccoli. Just be patient hon, and I'm sure that all will be well. Good luck.
  3. I know how troubling it can be, believe me. My first son was a champion eater - he ate everything and not with quirks. My 2.5 year old? OMG.... he is HORRIBLE.

    First, he didn't want to eat ANYTHING (except breast milk) until he was 10 months old, and then it was only bread. Then, with trial and error I found the few things he'll even TRY. The kid won't even TRY a food. He decides upon looking at it if it's edible or not!!!! My MIL thinks I'm crazy! Just yesterday she said, "Well, what if i made him some spinach." and I said to her for the bazillionth time that she could TRY, but that he wouldn't eat it or even try it almost certainly and she gets this look in her face and a tone in her voice, "Well, I cooked for Sven a little food every day and he hate everything and I remember that you cooked for Adrian and he ate it too." And I, for the gazillionth time said, "Yes, I did do all of that for Adrian, but Adrian would eat, Henry will not. That's just the way he is."

    And, I HAVE talked with the doctor about his eating and he said to leave him alone. Making food a battle will lead to eating problems for a lifetime - every expert says this. Eventually, they will outgrow it. My ped. said that there is also more and more evidence that delayed introduction of foods is better for eliminating food allergies. He said that the baby/toddler probably knows something about his digestive system that we don't and to follow his lead.

    So, at 2 years 8 months he ONLY eats: Toast sandwich bread, regular rolls, whole grain pancakes, cake, cookies, apples, pears, peaches, grapes, green and red peppers, peas, green beans, carrots and turnips in a broth soup only and I can sneak in some dumplings/noodles then too, bananas, pork and chicken schnitzel, cottage cheese and drinkable yogurt (usually Kefir), pizza with the cheese removed and most of the sauce (though he's beginning to eat some of that cheese as well, rice (brown and fried), and egg rolls/spring rolls. He will not eat ANYTHING else - no cereal, no applesauce, zilch!!! Oh, and some days he'll eat the above no problem, and other days he'll refuse, so I never know what is considered edible for that day - talk about FRUSTRATING!!!

    And.... again, the doctors say to leave him alone and not press the issue, so that would be my advice to you too. Follow his lead.
  4. ack.. my son is a year old and he is in the same boat. i can't offer you any advice but can definitely understand where you are coming from. hang in there!:okay:
  5. I agree with berryblondeboys and dallas.
    my kids are like that too and it started from the day they were born!
    it's even hard to get them to take the milk.

    So when solid food time came it was a nightmare!
    I cried alot because they were premies and needed the nutrients...
    but just as the ladies said our doctor said the same thing...

    But he also said to give them PEDIASURE milk it is more nutritious than regular milk
    and will supplement whatever is lacking in their diet.

    Dont worry eventually he will eat...
    mine started eating when they were almost two years old.
    my kids are now 2 and 3 years old and finally eating well.

    and were actually healthy even when I thought they were not eating well.
  6. I do sympathise. My first son was very fussy and disliked eating until he hit about age two. Up until two he was subsisting on fortified milk and fruit puree (he was also thin). Then after two he started eating chicken and rice etc, and now he is tall and healthy.

    My second son eats very small quantities of food and is thin. I'm sure (well I'm hoping) that once he is older his appetite will increase like the older one. I feed baby two on my lap with my fingers too, I'm not bothered! First born was fed in a high chair.
  7. Thanks everyone, all your replies are gold!:tup:I'm not as worried now and I've bought some meal planner books, still trying every meal ideas in them. My son seems ok with some of them and things are getting better!

    dallas, I dont think my baby has an ulcer or a sore throat because he eats his favorite foods fine. and yes, he is teething, so it probably be it if he doesnt eat (I called up children's helpline and that's what they said as well).
    My baby was eating baby jar food at the age of 6months, and he only liked the fruit gels, custards, he hated the pastas and vegies. ugh...I'm not sure about if the preservatives in them are good for babies so i cut it out and start making him fresh foods.

    Let's hope he'll decide to love the healthy food one day.

  8. Hi there....I cannot belive I am not alone in this! Not that this is a good thing or anything lke that, but I too am so worried about my son. He will not eat anything but cheese, crackers, and sweets....OMG! He has an eye for cookies / cakes / cereal....etc. I'm sure you get the picture. At first he was a little cow! He would eat anything. He started on table food at 6 months and ate everything I gave him up until he was 13 months old. He went from having rice with chicken soup & veggies for dinner to NO NO NO NO NO!! He would cry if I tried to give him anything. I then poned it off to maybe he was teething but he just refused! The only thing he ate for two weeks was bananas and then he quit that too! I'm extremely worried because he just recently caught pnemonia & bronchites and was admitted in the hospital for a few days. I don't know how to get nutrients in his body if he wont eat anything. He doesn't even want his bottle anymore. ( he is a year and a half) When he was in the hospital, he took himself off the bottle and hasn't had one since then. I even tried putting it in his crib but he just plays with it. I mean it could be a good thing but at least he was getting milk like that. He drinks less from the sippy cup. The only thing he eats now is cheese, crackers, cereal, some fruit & sweets. Diabeties run on my husbands side so that is a HUGE concern for me:crybaby:.......I pray everyday that he just wakes up one morning and wants to eat again. If this sounds familiar but now things are better....can someone please help me?:sweatdrop:
  9. I AM NOT ALONE!!!! :smile: It's nice to know I'm in good company. My son (almost 5) has hated 99% of foods ever since I first introduced solids to him at 9 months of age. (that was when he'd only eat applesauce, Gerber baby jarred fruit flavors, and Gerber carrot and sweet potato flavors.) He hated everything else, including rice cereal. He now eats only a handful of things: mac n cheese, corn dogs, chicken nuggets, hot dogs, grilled cheese sandwiches, cheese pizza, bananas, pears, bagels with cream cheese, plain white rice, PB&J sandwiches, popcorn, granola bars, graham crackers, breakfast cereal, waffles, pancakes, french toast, Yobaby yogurt, applesauce, and steamed pork dumplings from Chinese restaurants. THAT'S IT. (he'll also eat sweet crap like candy, chocolate, cookies...but I'm not counting those things)

    He will actually gag and vomit if he accidentally eats something that's not on this list. I.e., if a piece of corn finds its way into his mac n cheese, he will literally BARF.

    You'll notice that there isn't much on my list in terms of fresh meat, vegetables, or fruit. My pediatrician said what the others stated above: don't force the food, otherwise you'll have a power struggle on your hands and food will become an ISSUE. She said that some kids just need a lot more time to warm up to new foods. Her advice: offer him 3 different things on his plate every day. Always include new items alongside familiar items that you know he'll eat. She said that it could take 1,000 tries over 5 years of offering him broccoli before he finally tastes it, but that's how you should introduce something to a picky eater. As long as there's something on his plate that you know he'll eat, you know he'll never starve!

    I hope that helps! Oh, and try a multi-vitamin. I know they make a liquid form for babies/toddlers. My kids (preschoolers) take those gummy multi-vitamins.
  10. I'm so sorry you are going through this too mommy_of_3...

    It's been a while since I posted this thread. My son (15 months old now) has kind of gone pass his none eating phase. I give him musical toys to play with when he eats, it kind of distracts him and he opens his mouth for food. I know this is a bad habbit but he wouldn't eat otherwise. I would do whatever to encourage him to eat.
    My in-law also cooks my son's vegetables, rice and meat with bone soup that she makes (you boil the bones for 2hrs and let the flavor goes into the water and it's really tasty). My son loves it! Come to think of it, this is the first actual proper meals he ate. Big thanks to my in-law!
    He starts liking finger food as well and he will come up to me asking for food when I'm eating! What more can I ask for?

    I hope your son gets better soon, maybe it is just a phase like other moms said. Fingers crossed for you and the little angel.:heart:

  11. My son is 3 and he will still only eat 3 things. My daughter is 1 and will eat anything you put in front of her. My son won't even try new things even if I bribe him with money toys etc (just to get him to try) sometimes things he refuses are like chocolate pudding, yeah I know ridiculous. Anyway I think it is just in their personality and as toddlers and preschoolers it is common for them to be on the "all carb diet" mac and cheese, pancakes,chicken fingers (protein) my son will eat apples if you give them to him, that is the only fruit or vegetable he won't even try say a banana or a strawberry. I feel as long as he is getting his daily vitamin then I don't feel so anxious about it. Good luck !
  12. My DS who turned 1 last March 17th would only eat jar food besides his formula. He would only eat Earth's Best #2 foods, like sweet potato, apple sauce, blueberry, carrots and veggie and turkey dinner. Anything with any more texture than those he will eat but will immediately throw up. His Pediatrician told me to continue giving him his soy formula until we do the allergy test to make sure he isn't allergic to dairy products.
  13. So glad I stumbled upon this post. Our little guy is very selective in what he eats and I have been stressed out and worried about him not getting enough nutrients. But he is gaining weight and is healthy. I guess this is all normal and hopefully eventually he'll be more open to other foods we offer.
  14. My dr. told me that it is normal to have to put foods on their trays/plates 20+ times before they will try it. They have to see it as "normal" or everyday before they are willing to accept it, but if you offer it enough times, even in tiny quantities that you know they will not eat, they will eventually begin eating it.

    I never had a problem with my kids being slight or underweight or losing weight, so once they turned 2 I started offering healthy, balanced meals without substitutions. In other words, they would be offered a protein, a vegetable, a fruit and a starch at least at every meal. If one thing on their plate didn't please them, then another should, and if it didn't then they chose not to eat. I understand that this will not work for children who are underweight, but it really did help my kids' eating habits to realize that they were offered what the rest of the family was eating - no more and no less. I refused to be a short-order cook!

    But for the age he is now, I wouldn't worry about his being picky. Just continue to expose him to new foods, even if he won't touch them, and let him eat what he pleases.
  15. My daughter has always been picky with her food too. She's 4yrs old now, but she was always on the smaller side, and dh's annoying family had him stressed saying people were going to take her from us because she's small. (Never mind that both sides of our family are thin.) She only took 2 ounces of formula for 6 months, and then SLOWLY started eating more. Even now, she cannot finish quantities of food that most children her age can. Her pediatrician said as long as she's growing and taking vitamins that there is no cause for concern. Don't worry! As long as baby is growing and getting their nutrients, they're fine!