Help! Please Help! Is My New Birkin Defective?

  1. I just used my new vert olive Birkin for the first time yesterday. I thought I noticed this yesterday, but didn't really pay attention to it, but tonight when I was closing it up to store in its sleeper, I had to stop AND MEASURE THE STRAPS!!! I THINK THE STRAP THAT DOES NOT HAVE THE HERMES STAMP ON THE HARDWARE IS 1/4 INCH OR SO LONGER THAN THE OTHER!!! :wtf: I have never noticed this on any of my other Birkins (which are togo). Is this a defect???:confused1:
  2. Hi

    Do you mean to say that when you close the straps through the turnkey, the left strap does not lie flat because it is longer and therefore the "excess" leather is "bulging" out? Pictures would be helpful for us to get an idea
  3. :wtf: vert olive isn't perfect??? Please post some pictures for the experts so they can either ease your mind or advice you better.
  4. ARCHANGEL: I will have to wait until daytime tomorrow to get pictures that can show it. I mean I noticed it was a little looser than the other strap, enough so that I took out my tape measure, and there was 1/4 - 3/8 difference in length. I was very careful to make sure the bag was open equally on both sides, too.

  5. i have noticed this before on a few occasions.........
  6. would be very very helpful. If the abovementioned quote from archangel is well and truly the case, your Birkin should be replaced.
  7. You're not the only one. I do not consider it a defect. I have seen it before.
  8. From the back of the bag, are the ends where the strap ends are sewn onto the back, are they equal distance from the sides of the bag? Could be a case where one end is slightly nearer to the edge, accounting for the longer strap in front.

    Does this bother you or could you live with the slight difference in length?
  9. I will measure that tomorrow-not sure I could live with it...shouldn't a Birkin be perfect? It seems that if one strap were supposed to be longer, it should be the one that goes on top, wouldn't you say?
  10. I am not making a joke of this, and please don't regard it as that I am. The right (shorter side) side will eventually balance out with the left because of the constant tugging to secure it over the turnkey. I'm not laughing.
  11. This makes sense. :yes:

  12. ms sparkles is correct --i bought a bag with the same problem (a blue jean kelly)..............ive noticed it with other bags specifically those made of softer leathers.

  13. please dont take this the wrong way but NO --birkins are not perfect. they are hand made. if you look closely at ANY bag you will notice that the stitches are all slightly different--maybe a bigger gap between two stitches than another.....perhaps the closure plate is not 100% lined up (yes i saw this). these are handmade bags made by artisans not laser machines cutting each piece with a mechanical pattern. Dont let this take away the joy from buying and owning a work of art. I dont say this because i am a brainwashed nut obsessed with Hermes (though I practically am) this day and age.........nothing is made by hand and that which is comes with a high price tag. your bag is beautiful..........each Hermes is a unique creation made by one craftsman.............that is why we love them some much!:smile:
  14. I didn't think you were laughing MadameSparkles. Your point about the straps evening out makes sense. I think I am a little spooked by the talk there are newer craftsmen making bags so that Hermes can stock all the new stores opening. I was afraid I got a Birkin that wasn't ...the way a Birkin should be according to Hermes standards. Also, if in a few years vert olive isn't still my favorite, I would not want to sell a bag that is less than it should be in terms of quality.
  15. What did you decide? I love the vert olive color.