Help! Please help I need these ballerinas!

  1. Hi :wlae:, does anyone know where I can get these ballerinas in either gold or silver in size 35.5? TIA!!

    Borrowed pics from Sophia04... Thanks Sophia! :p
  2. I saw them in the Valley Fair Nordstorm recently. Good luck with your search.
  3. n :smile:ot a problem mscawaii! hope you find your silver ballerinas! they do have your size in Hong Kong!


  4. I was in HK during the third week of August. I went to the Chanel at the Peninsula. They didn't have the gold ones and the silver one was in size 38! At the airport, the silver ones were also size 38 and the smallest size for the gold was 36. The SA at the airport didn't want to sell me the 36 cos it was too big for me... Arghhh... I'm really dying to get them! I'll be going up to HK again at the end of Sept. Hopefully I can get them. This time I'll go to the chanel at canton road.