Help Please! Hard to Make a Choice...

  1. I have two concerns undergoing for my first Balenciaga bag.

    1. Choose the Balenciaga The First or City, Since I am a quite short and skinny Asian girl.
    The city looks more fashionable to me but may not fit my height.

    2. Color issue: Bubble gum, Ocean, Turquoise, magenta, blue electric... totally confused.

    Any suggestions will be really helpful for me, currently it is the final period, my head is full of Bbags. I am gonna fail the exams....:crybaby:
  2. Welcome to TPF and's always hard to make a decision so many colors, sizes etc...If you can go check them out in Person it helps immensly , if you can't the thread wearing your b-bags is very helpful too.

    The city is a great size and doesn't look overwhelming even on skinny frames I think it's a great choice for a first b-bag, what color is concerned it all depends on your wardrobe I would start out with a staple color you know you can wear a lot and for your next b-bag -there is always a next;))get smth a bid more daring...
  3. For a first bbag, I suggest the city.

    As for your color options, I'd go for Ocean :smile:
  4. City for sure... have you considered black?

    If you want colour, I'd be waiting (like the rest of us!) for the new blues. If you like pink, I think the Petal Pink is amazing. Then there is the yellow....
    oh I'm just as confused!!

    Good luck
  5. Go for the City! The size is pretty versatile.If I were you I'd wait for the new colors ;)
  6. go for the city..and depends on which color you or blue, etc! good luck on finding you first bbag
  7. Choose a city and wait for all of the new colors to come out before you make a decision.
  8. I suggest trying on them IRL to see which suits you better. If you are in the US, the dept stores are beginning to get the new colors and it's always best to see them IRL.
  9. I am 5'3" and I go back and forth on the city and the first. I am actually trying to decide if I want a bg city or first. I think it also depends what you want to use it for. Will it be an everyday bag? Do you carry a lot of stuff? Or will you use it for going out in the evening. I would say a city for the every day and a first for evenings out. Sometimes a city is too big to try to find a spot for eating out.

    As far as color, again, what is your wardrobe like? What color would you get the most use out of? If you are like many of us B-baggers, it might take a few bought (and sold) bags to find what you really like/want. Good luck.
  10. Get the City in a bright fun color! Balenciaga is famous for all the brilliant array of colors so choose one that you like. The biggest mistake I made when I got my 1st city was choosing the wrong color. It makes such a big difference to me at least. Good luck and post pics of what you decide :yes:
  11. Welcome to tPF ... I think the city would look awesome on you ... now you just choose your favorite color ... from the choices you've given, it sounds like you like pinks and blues ... just pick one that you'll be happy with, I'm sure it won't be your last Bbag purchase! Good luck and let us know which you pick!
  12. I vote City, especially if you plan on carrying a lot in your bag (or at least want to have the potential to do so if the need arises). It might be helpful to look at your current bag collection and see what you have vs. what you need/want. I wanted a colorful Bbag, but I ended up going with a Black City for my first Bbag because I didn't own a black bag. Let us know what you decide!