Help..please..gryson Vs Kooba

  1. Gryson ( Laura ) Vs Kooba ( Ryan )...........which One?

  2. hmmm maybe u could post pics :smile:
  3. Yeah post pics of the ones that you are thinking about...they are both fantastic in their own ways!
  4. I like the Kooba!! (but I am also obviously biased!)
  5. i googled em ad post it for u so people ca help u easier :p

    kooba ryan

    gryson laura

    btw i love the gryson more :p
  6. They're totally different bags and both great. The Gryson is a more every day casual bag. The Kooba is for evening or work (when you know you will be seen). Can you get both?

  7. Thank you for the pics! I vote for Gryson also.
  8. Definitely Gryson - the suede lining is TDF!
  9. choose the one you love
  10. I personally like the brand Kooba among others. However, for those particular styles that you posted, I would vote for Gryson. Looks very chic and does not look so trendy so it looks like it would fit all seasons.
  11. Prefer the Gryson but I'm biased ...I don't care for patent leather or shiny finish
  12. I like the gryson more. This particular Kooba just looks uninspired.
  13. The gryson seems classier. I like some kooba styles but that one seems to trendy that will pass quick for that particular style.
  14. I like the Gryson!
  15. I like the Gryson. Koobas aren't flipping my skirt as of late...