Help please - got offered my first Birkin!

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  1. Hi ladies,

    It has been a WHILE since I have logged into TPF, but I am in desperate need of your opinions. I was just offered my very first B. I told my SA a few month back that I was looking for a RC 30B with PHW and today I got a call that my local store got a RC 30B with GHW with my name on it. I am out of town, but they will hold the bag for me until Thursday. I have not seen RC in person with GHW. For those of you who have RC or have seen it in person, which HW do you prefer? I won't know if I love it until I see it in person, but would love your thoughts in advance regarding the HW color.

  2. hi! i have RC kelly phw and i love it.. not sure the color of the hw mattered to me too much when i got it because RC is just a great bright red... i'm sure it would be hard to resist :biggrin:
  3. RC with ghw is beautiful dear, take it please, you won't regret ;)
  4. GET it!!! I love rc with GHW!!
  5. That's a lovely red! I would get it in a heartbeat 😄
  6. I would run in a heartbeat. RC AND GHW?? This is GORGEOUS.
  7. B30 is the perfect size, and in RC with GHW...TDF!!!
  8. Swipe that plastic please. Perfect in every aspect. Congratulations !
  9. Perfection! I would grab this!
  10. 100% yes!!
  11. :yes::yes:
  12. Yes yes. See my avatar pic.
  13. I have rc b30 ghw and it's the one bag that I always get compliments!!
  14. Get on your car and drive to h now and swipe your card, RC in any hdwr is stunning!
  15. + 10000000000000000000000