HELP! Please give me feedbacks! Boght to big shoes! Bebe Leslie

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  1. Hi everyone!

    I boght the Bebe Leslie Wesges in size 9 win winter white. They are soooo lovley.
    Look at the pics.

    Today I got them,but they are tooo big :sad:

    I thing I need 8 or 8,5.

    I am from germany and I boght them in the USA,so to send them back are to expensive.

    Who can tell me,what I can maybe into the shoes, so that they will fit me? Some tricks???? Please help.

    The problem is, when I am walking with the shoes my feet comes out at the back :sad:

    Thank u some much for helping.

    Lots of greetings
  2. Try using heel grippers.
  3. Hi "I Love RICE". Thank you for your reply.

    Can you show me pics ot those " heel grippers " ?
    I don´t know them.

    And where can I buy them?

    Thank you so much.
  4. hi there! i was looking at those shoes last weekend too and yeah, they run a little big. they only come in whole sizes, so if you're between sizes, you will have to size down. i usually wear a 7.5 and tried on an 8 which was too big for me.
  5. Thank u so much.

    I have an EUR size 39.

    I though it is in US an size 9. Someone told me.

    SO I better buy the shoes again in size 8.

    Do you know which EUR size is the exactly US size?

    In UK I have size 6.
  6. Personally....I think a euro size 39 is actually a US 8. I am a euro 39 too but wear a US 8-8 1/2
    You probably need a smaller size but try the heel grippers first.....Dr. Scholls carries them. Try a pharmacy or retail store that carries foot inserts...they usually have the heel grippers next to them.
  7. Thank u so much.

    Before I order them in 8 and they will be to small I try the heel grippers. Hope that helps.

    Thanks so much to everyone for the fast help.