Help Please From Chanel Fashionistas

  1. I received my navy reissue and I love it. I am going to a dressy casual dinner and I want to buy an outfit that rocks that bag. Any color suggestions? Any outfit suggestions? TIA
  2. I don't know if you can pull of yellow or gold but navy, aqua, green, orange and yellow are huge this year. Altogether I should add.
    I love yellow and blue together.
  3. ITA:tup:
  4. Thanks Swanky. I was thinking on wearing a dress that was sort of color blocked with all the colors. Also, I thought maybe the right shade of pink and navy could be interesting.

    Also, I thought red or silver.

    Anyone have any suggestions where to shop?
  5. :lol: I love this forum. Most people buy the dress first and then accessorize.

    I did this same exact thing! I found my Chanel bag and now I'm building my outfit around it...... :angel:
  6. I don't know if you like Banana Republic, but they had some cute frocks yesterday.
  7. I do this all the time haha! :nuts: I recently bought a really cute faux wrap dress at Banana Republic that's white, green and navy, and the first thing I thought of was which Chanel am I buying this for. :roflmfao: ITA with Swanky and I love a yellow top with blue jeans... the metallic navy reissue would look fabulous with that. :heart: I plan to buy this dress to rock with mine (bought soo much stuff recently, so maybe not quite yet... and luckily it's on preorder so my card won't be charged yet):

    I think the colors in the dress are fabulous, and would really complement the navy reissue, as well as other bags. :love: Hmm, DVF probably has some great wrap dresses that would work too. :tup:
  8. Check out Nordstrom's sales dresses online. I just got an email today. There are some really cute dresses. There's a Marc Jacobs color block that's really cute.
  9. Thanks everyone. I really like the dresses that you picked. I think I am going to buy several. I see what you mean with all the colors together. The metallic kinda grounds it.
  10. I just bought a two-toned yellow dress and had my navy metallic 227 reissue with me. I loved the two colors together. I was concerned I could not pull off yellow, but I think you just have to find your shade of yellow and yellow is really big this year.
  11. I am going to shop for a yellow dress. Yellow is a very hard color for me to wear.

    What do you think of navy with purple?
  12. I would wear a white dress.. I don't know if you follow that no-white-in-winter rule... I don't know much about that rule but I think white/navy is a good combo that also goes along with the nautical trend this year!
  13. Oh Minal, this dress is so pretty, I can already visualise different Chanel purses with it...:tup:


  14. That's exactly what I do, before going out, I take out which bag I'm going to carry and match my outfit accordingly. All bag addicts do this I'm sure!