Help please from anyone in Spain

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    A little girl (4 years old) from England was abducted 12 days ago whilst on holiday in Portugal. The Police
    believe she is still alive and has been taken to Spain.

    The family are trying to appeal to the Spanish people for help in case someone has seen her and they have produced this poster. Please can you have a look and send it to anyone you know, and let me know if you think there is anywhere else I could send it.

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  6. Ayuda a encontrar a Madeleine!

    La Ni~na britanica de 4 a~nos fue raptada de un hotel de Algarve, Portugal. La policia sospecha que fue secuestrada por un pedofilo y que podria estar en Espa~na.

    Si tiene informacion sobre su bienestar, comuniquese a 00 44 18 83 73 13 36.