Help Please! First Mulberry bag

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  1. Hi all. I am planning to buy my FIRST Mulberry bag but I can't decide which to buy. Shall I buy a bayswater or a Mitzy Hobo? and what colour should I choose because I am using it as a school bag so I don't want something that looks too dull or professional? PLEASE HELP! Thankz!:graucho:
  2. I would say bayswatre but I think you will find that many of us are one of the other and so you will get differning opinions. Do you like square bags or round ones? Structured or not? do you like to know where everything is in your bag or does it not matter?

    These qs should help you.

    Good luck and welcomexx
  3. If your main purpose for the bag is going to be for school then I would say go for the Mitzy Hobo. The Bayswater is a classic and absolutely beautiful but it is much heavier and more fiddly to get in to fast, when I have taken my Bays to uni I have always regretted it! Man does it make your arm ache when its fully loaded with books etc! Plus the leather on the Mitzy Hobo is absolutely amazing, it holds up perfectly whatever the weather and is a real workhorse bag! I use my Mitzy Messenger for uni all the time and it is perfect, I don't have to baby it or worry about being caught in the rain! And it is beautiful :love:

    Don't know if you are aware but they currently have oak mitzy hobo's on my wardrobe, you can get 20% discount by entering amex20 at the checkout.
  4. My second mulberry was a metallic bayswater! I absolutely adore it, it's so versatile and combines functionality with beauty!

    I use it as a school bag too! :biggrin:
  5. Depends whether you want a really classic mulberry bag or not really. Bays is a really recognisable style whilst mitzy hobo is more undersated and subtle. Also as Poppy says, the bays will hold things tidily whilst the Hobo is a more slouchy bag.

    If you want something that is obviously mulberry but a more modern style than the bays have you seen the Daria Hobo (there is a picture of my cerise daria hobo on my avatar)? This bag is slouchy and modern like the mitzy hobo but is obviously mulberry (the big gold mulberry tree logo on the coaster is the giveaway, lol).
  6. Miss Mabel makes a good point re the discount, plus if you buy through quidco you can get another 10@ cash@back as well.
  7. should say 10%!
  8. The Bayswater is definitely very weighty when stuffed with all my Uni stuff! I use a choc Barnaby for everyday use when carting stuff around although if you're looking for something a little more flamboyant that probably isn't for you!
  9. the daria is lovely - ita with that too!
  10. I must ask a stupid question, the amex20 code on my wardrobe, does it require that you pay with an Amex card ?
  11. No it doesn't lakrits
  12. Thank You Miss M and Kris, I will check it up !
  13. Thank you for all your comments!!
    I think I will go with the mitzy hobo.
  14. Ohh lovely choice Ching, I am sure you won't regret it! Even better if you order from and enter amex20 in the promotion code at the checkout for your 20% off... and check the thread Kris posted for another 10% off too!