help please finding the bag of my dreams

  1. Hey, Guys new to the purse forum just wanted to say HI :yahoo: ....... also i have fell in love with the bag of my dreams its the sac camera from the luxury ligne collection the medium sized one anyone have any clues where i can get a authentic one i'm scared to try eBay!!! I just dont know if i'd be able to tell if it was definetly authentic or not:cursing: !! this would be my first Chanel so i'm even more wary of buyin one anywhere other than a boutique. Anyone have any suggestions?? all your imput would be very much appreciated:yes:

    Thanks a million
  2. is there a specific color you are looking for?
  3. well its between 2 the gold or the black

  4. [​IMG]

  5. i just tried to post a picture of the bag in gold but i cant get it to work soz
  6. when you say luxury line sac camera are you talking about the bowler?
  7. yeah:yes: the medium sized bowler sorry bout the delay (slight computer glich:rolleyes: )