Help please....fellow tpfers, how you do translate "sounds" into English?

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  1. Hi there my beloved tpfers...:heart:

    I'm currently working on translating children's books into English...

    I have come across so many sounds and sounds of expressions that I had a very hard time translating

    I know there are common words used for certain sounds in (American) English For example, Boom, Wham!!, cock-a-doodle-doo, knock knock!! etc..

    but people say these things differently in other languages.....

    I'd really like to know if there are websites or books or anyone that can help me out with this

    Yesterday I had to translate the sound of a little kid "passing gas" in class... I still couldn't find out how that sound writes out in english!!!:wtf:

    I'm desperately need help!!!!:yes:

  2. For gas, I'd suggest "poooft" :lol:

    hope that helps!
  3. Omg I just googled spell fart sound. :lol: There are lots of translations to choose from.
  4. I do know there are articles and maybe books on the subject. I don't know any specific ones, though, maybe you can try Googling
  5. Oh Roo, that's just too cute!!! in Thai, the original context it was "pood pood paahd paahd" haha

    Thanks so much..this really helps!!!! :tup:
  6. GOSH!! I tried that...there are some hilarious ones too!! haha Thankx bella :graucho:
  7. I did a lot of googling I just wanna make sure that I get the universally known sound from you folks here since I'm not really a native speaker ...thx again :smile:
  8. also how do you spell "eating" sounds?

    - sound of a mouse chewing a cracker?

    - sound of a squirrel nibbling on a walnut????

    anyone!?????!!!? TIA :heart:
  9. ^^crunch crunch?
  10. crunch crunch would definitely do for crackers!!!

    Thanks kpanda!!!:tup:

    what about nibbliing on a walnut??? nib nib??? hahaha ??!!?? :P
  11. I'd write nibble, nibble.
  12. I don't know, and English is my speciality. :shame:
    But I'm sitting here making nibbling sounds and farting sounds and trying to work out how to spell them!!!!! :roflmfao:

    My cat is looking at me like :confused1: !
  13. Sounds like a fun project! If you search using "examples of onomatopoeia," you'll get some examples since that's what you're basically looking for. Have fun!
  14. OMG i laughed so hard there! and my poor lip cracked no worries i have chap stick.. you made my day lol
  15. Haha~~ actually it's a lot of fun but I sat for a big big while trying to come up with something (before I asked you lovely folks here for help, of course)

    I was thinking "nib nib" but I think nibble nibble sounds cuter!!

    nib nib reminds me of nip nip (nipples!! gosh!!! sounds a bit nasty, doesn't it???!!???:Push:smile:

    thanks so much all of you sweeties!!!! :heart::smile::heart: