Help please! Every day bag for busy mom with little kids????

  1. Spring is here and my thoughts turn to new handbags!

    Up until now I haven't really been using an everyday handbag as I have put my purse/phone etc in the baby's nappy bag. I have a toddler and a 10 month old baby and now they are a bit more manageable I would like to buy myself a nice everyday bag.

    Its got to be a fair size and have a zip or secure closure to keep put thieves and children!! Its also got to be quite hardwearing, might need to be put on the floor/over the handles of a buggy occasionally.

    I have been looking on the reference threads, because I had decided on a garden party, but these dont seem to have a zip closure. Does a Massai? Has anyone got any suggestions? Help greatly appreciated!
  2. How about the Gao? It´s beautiful, good sized, has a zip.
  3. The garden party is good--roomy, easy access. I don't find that the lack of a zip closure is a problem. Too busy to bother with it anyway, I just am strategic about how I arrange things in it.
    A 37 Bolide is another possibility but may not be a bag you want to put on the floor or over the handles of a stroller...but it has a detachable shoulder strap.
  4. Oh I missed the hand-held part. How about Plume?
  5. Hmmmm, Trim maybe?
  6. I use the Massaï as an everyday bag. It has zips and you can wear it very casually as a messenger bag as well (I wear it this way because I am a busy mom of a toddler as well). It is the most convenient in my opinion.
  7. Bolide 31 mou? Trim II 31 or 35? (but cannot put on the floor)
  8. Nola - I havent seen a Gao - I'll do a search and try and find a pic.

    I worry that a bolide is too lovely to be used everyday! There is the potential for sweets etc to be inside (I can hear gasps of horror!)
  9. milloo Thanks for the tip! Has your Massai held up well? After all they are still expensive and lovely bags....
  10. This is what made me fall in love with the Gao. The handle drop seems perfect when you only have one hand to dig something out of the bag.
  11. larger plume would be a top choice for me, along with gp.
  12. Handybags/Princessfrog I think the Trim would be to small for all the vitally important stuff I carry about with me!!!!
  13. Elise, my Massaï is not fragile: It is clemence leather, dark color (ebene) .I am not very carefull of it, put it on the car floor etc : It is great anyway (good boy :yes: ). I hope I answer to your question as my english is :sad: ...
  14. That's why I bought a Lindy.
  15. I am a busy mom with a teen and a 6 year old... I find my Kelly invaluable. Apart from being very handy, it makes me feel like a chic mommy even on those days when I really look like something the cat dragged in....