Help, please! DY Ring

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  1. I found this DY sterling silver/18k gold buckle ring over the weekend at a NM Last Call store for about 40% off the original retail price and I can't decide if I should keep it or not! Part of me thinks its pretty and a good everyday ring ... but another part of me wonders if it's just the bargain-lover in me trying to talk myself into keeping it... any opinions on whether this is a good style and/or timeless DY piece? Should I keep it or not...
  2. Oops - forgot to attach a pic of the ring!
  3. while I do think the buckle motifs are "classic" DY...I have to be honest, I think this ring is a bit chunky for my liking...and it takes away from your beautiful crossover ring!!!

    trust your gut, if you are having second thoughts, there is probably a reason!!
  4. I'm a big DY fan, but I'm not loving that piece...I have the same 'I found a bargain' gene and it def can get me into trouble. If u love it, or think you would wear it all the time keep it, but dont keep it just because its a deal.
  5. I'm also a DY gal and bargain lady. I'm not in love with that style. Your crossover ring makes more of a statement in MHO.
  6. Meh...


    I'd save for something you're 100% in love with! :smile:

    Bargains are haaaaard to turn away from. That bloody Shopbop 20% coupon above off just sucked me in... and I was trying to be gooooood! $800 later...
  7. I agree with the statements above and wanted to add, even if money were no object, it may a great deal but will end up taking space in your jewelry box.
  8. I personally am a big fan of DY, but I think if you're not in love with the piece it's probably best to take it back to NM. Getting a good bargain on something feels great, but I find that I get really anxious when I have a lot of pieces laying around that I don't love/use often.

    Decide what is best for your comfort level and go from there. HTH!
  9. Thanks everyone for the honest feedback!! As much as I love DY and bargains, I think I am going to return this ring and save up for something I love more... Like the Cartier trinity ring which I have been eying for quite some time... :smile:
  10. definitely agree.
  11. I love DY jewelry too! I have bought a few pieces at my local NMLC stores (there are 3 in my area) and have always been told DY jewelry is final sale there so they don't allow returns. They have wierd rules about all DY jewelry and then any jewelry or watch (regardless of brand) that has diamond(s) in it are final sale. If you are wanting to return you may want to call the store first to make sure they allow it.
  12. Oh I *definitely* approve of this!!! I am in love with the Sauvage trinity. The animal print lover in me just swoons. :biggrin:
  13. I think NMLC may have changed its policy sometime over the past year, because I specifically asked if there were any return restrictions before purchasing the ring and was told that it was subject to their normal 30-day return policy. I do remember DY purchases being final sale in the past though. I returned the ring this afternoon without any problems.