Help please! does this happen to any one of your bags?

  1. the zipper head has fallen off during the first time my mom carried it. it was the brown leather one that i bought in the private sale a while ago. my mom took it to burberry store and offer to pay for a replacement zipper head, but the store refuses to order one for her notwithstanding that they certified and claimed that the bag is authentic.

    burberry staff alleged that since the bag was purchased from the sale, therefore, they do not help customer to fix any defects in the bag even if customer is willing to pay for it.

    has anyone come across this problem? i think this is really ridiculous, and it is the worst service i ever heard of from a designer label. what should i do? please help me to find a solution!
  2. wow, that's rude. I experienced only really nice customer service at Burberry's (but then again, I ordered directly from them).
    Maybe she shouldn't tell them she got it from a sale, but as a gift?
    I also think it depends how much the bag was, maybe it was on sale because of a known defect..
  3. a Burberry sale? or somewhere else I would return it
  4. no there is no defect when we bought it. but i can't believe the SA can say that to my mom. i did a research on internet and found the relevant legislation about sales of goods.

    i told my mom to speak to them again and show them the receipt too. the receipt says no return, no exchange and no refunds. but it doesn't say no repairs. and told my mom to threaten legal action if they do not repair or if they do not assist us in getting it repair. and this is how the SA directed my mom then to the office. and now they say that they will try to get her a zipperhead finally. this is such an unpleasant experience with burberry.