Help please...dirty suede sneakers

bal newbie

Sep 16, 2006
I have these super cute pink/brown suede Puma sneakers. I forgot to spray them with suede protector the first time I wore them and it had rained and I was wearing super dark jeans and they messed up the suede: dark blue staining on back and a little on the top of the shoe.

How do I clean these? Any at-home remedies? Any tricks? Professional cleaning? Where? Any advice is greatly appreciated!!
I actually had brown and light beige speedcats, and i DID spray them. I sprayed them like crazy and my jeans still managed to stain them! and they also got a bit dirty just from regular wear - i don't have any home remedies - i tried all of the leather cleaners (the suede ones) and eventually the blue faded a bit but they were basically permenantly like that. i asked my friend who has tons of pumas and she said - that's how they age, and they look nice.

sorry - i'm not much help am i? :sad: i guess just to let you know, you're not the only one that this happened to! they're still great shoes though :yes: