help please deciding on color of face for Rolex

  1. Hi,I was wondering what color face to get on my new Rolex. I already have a pink dial, so it's between white and blue . Thanks in advance !:heart:
  2. I love white dial watches, it goes with EVERYTHING and looks so clean and nice
  3. A white dial has a classic look.
  4. ^^^ITA. Def. get the white dial this time around:tup:. Lucky you!~
  5. Awe , Thanks so much for the imput!:heart:
    I just finished my studies for my Naturopathy and my mom is buying me a present. If you had any idea how long it took and how tough it took me almost 12 years to finish my program. I have been a single mom for 17 years and having had colitis, I was sick alot and couldn't always study. So, I decided enough already..finish school.
    So, Mom is rewarding me.
    I really like the white face too, but had thought about black and saw the blue one. It's not going to be one of the really fancy ones as I like really simple, casual looks. I really like that you can go into the shower and also never having to put batteries in it.
    I'll post pics when I get it!
  6. I like the blue. My best friend has a blue and I think it looks great with jeans, actually. I like expensive high end items that have casual appeal. What a great present! Congrats on your accomplishments!
  7. Thanks Kare! I do wear jeans alot!
    I also wear alot of green/sage colors, so I wasn't sure about the blue. I love a really casual look with something really nice like my Balenciagas. I am a pretty low key person- not much Blingyness here! LOL!
  8. Congratulations on fininshing your studies... i like the white mother of pearl face on the rolex,good luck in what you get:smile:
  9. I personally prefer the white myself although I think both choices are great.

    And fwiw, the watch is water proof but not hot water proof. Steam is the enemy and water proof watches are ruined in showers all the time so be careful. Of course some people seem to get away with it!
  10. I think white would be a nice addition since you already have a colored-faced, the pink. Congratulations on finishing school!
  11. I have both, the silver and black dial. Although, I like the black more.
  12. wow, Thanks for all the comments and helpful tips!:heart:
  13. I personally prefer the white as I think it would go with everything. I have a Rolex with white mother of pearl dial and love it! Congrats!!
  14. White.
  15. I'd vote white too... if you already have a colour, white is more neutral.