Help please - could I carry a 30cm Birkin?

  1. I know the subject of 30 vs 35 Birkins has been discussed in most every way possible, BUT I really need the expert advice and opinions of my tPF sisters:love:

    My SA is holding a 30cm gold togo Birkin for me while I try to decide if I could carry a 30 w/o looking ridiculous.

    As any of you know who have seen one of my very very few action pics (I am very camera shy:shame::shame:smile: I am NOT a size 2 Rocker or shopmom:nogood:
    I am 5'5" and as we say in the South "big boned":upsidedown:. I will not disclose my weight for reasons every woman should understand, so I hope what I have said will be enough info for you to give opinions and advice on the subject.
    Thanks for indulging one more of the size comparison threads:flowers:.
  2. Penny - can you go in and try it?
  3. ^^^^ No, I the boutique I shop is a very LONG way from me. The closest H Boutique to me is over 6 hours.
  4. Gah - I hate that!

    Are you considering the 30 'cause you like the 30 or 'cause it's gold that you want?
  5. Penny, I think a 30cm is wonderful to have. While a 35cm looks better on me personally, it sure can get heavy and bulky at times for those days when I'm out walking around in the city for prolonged periods of time. The 30cm is the perfect solution in terms of its function; it holds quite a bit and is compact enough to tote around on a daily basis. I think you can definitely pull it off, but you just have to feel comfortable with it. It took me a bit to get used to the 30cm because it seemed so small relative to the 35s I'm used to carrying, but I think having at least one is a great alternative to the 35s you have if not for form, then definitely for function. Personally, I think you'd look great with it.
  6. I have been wanting to try a 30, but was afraid I was "too big" to carry one.
  7. ITA with Orchids but in the reverse as 30 is my size of choice I added a 35 for the function (and man is that thing heavy) but I love it.

    I remeber us all debating this pic of Melania Trump when Lime posted it in the "stars" thread as some were surprised that someone so tall would carry a 30.

    Just think of it more as a purse and less as a tote; I don't think you're too big for one Penny. I really don't :smile:


    Pic credit - Lime "stars" thread
  8. Yes, I am sure the 35 would look better ons me, but I have wanted a 30. I am contemplating in the gold because I would use the gold more with dressier outifts than the nice jeans and sweater/shirt outfit that I carry the 35s with.
    My 32 Kellys seem to look ok on me IMO, as does my 31 Bolide, but they both are worn with the strap. Would it make a difference that the 30 Birkin is not worn w/ a strap?
  9. Oh if your Kellys and Bolide are small and you like 'em then GO FOR IT!! :yahoo:
  10. Thank you for the pic Handy. I think Melania looks great with the 30. I don't even think about her height or size when I see the bag on her.
  11. I guess i have picked up the mind set from reading posts on here that the 30cm Birkins are for small, petite women.
  12. Well for me it's about purpose. 30s a handbag for light carry days and 35s a tote for... well... toting! lol
  13. PENNY........I think you could do a 30cm, you just need to feel comfortable with it. KWIM? I love the 30''s more like a handbag than a tote and yet carries SO much!
  14. I just got myself a 30 cm and now I want them all to be 30 :smile:. Depending of course what you are carrying a 30 holds more than enough for... and I find you can use a 30cm for the evening as well as I feel a 35 is too big for that.
  15. :nogood: That's the beauty of these bags. It's whatever that suits the wearer's perogative!:wlae: