HELP please :) Cles or key ring?

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  1. hey guys...I'm rather new to the forum so i just wanted to say HI! and ask a quick question. I have a couple of Louis pieces that i bought in the past but i finally was able to get my Damier Bastille and i wanted a key ring to put on it or a cles. I just want something to put my keys on. I really want the JAck and Lucie key ring but its so hard to find online at a good price. Anyone selling one?:woohoo: id be so happy lol. But yeah so if you guys could help me out on what to get i would appreciate it. Im a guy so dont make it to fem :smile:....thank you guys so much in advance :smile::wlae:
  2. vernis cles:smile: pomme or violette:smile:
  3. get a cles! Maybe a Azur one or a vernis one in pomme.
  4. Vernis Cles!
  5. How about a four-key or six-key holder?
  6. Pomme Cles
  7. Cles.
  8. Vernis pomme cles. I love mine.
  9. For a guy I don't really think the vernis cles is suitable... Maybe stick with damier since the bastille is damier, otherwise damier geant or epi?
  10. I agree with Kenzo89. Since you're a guy, I suggest a cles in damier or monogram canvas. Also, you may want to consider the 4 or 6 keyholder in epi, mono, damier azur and/or ebene. Good luck!:yes:
  11. I have a cles in black epi, the silver tone key ring really suits the black leather, looks really good yet convenient.
  12. i'd say damier azur cles... if you can wait a bit, probably the damier graphite cles in august
  13. I would also go with something in Damier. Vernis looks quite feminine... I also agree sticking with the pattern of your Bastille - either ebony or azur, depending on your bag. I think ebony looks more "manly". About key ring or cles - go for cles. I am always worried about the keys scratching at stuff in my bag. If you get a cles you can just store them away.
  14. Damier or epi :smile:
  15. cles! bc they're simply more versatile~ and def something vernis!