Help please! Care of scarves.

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  1. Ladies, I have just rediscovered this wonderful forum and have spent a rainy afternoon looking through past threads. I had forgotten just how addictive it is!!
    My question is regarding care of my Hermes scarves. Although the care label says 'Dry clean only' I seem to recall reading that it is possible to gently hand wash them. Can anyone advise me, or point me in the right direction?
    I would really appreciate your help,
    Thank you,
  2. In the reference library thread, there's a specific thread called guide to Hermès scarves. Dianagrace provides a link (second post on the first page of that thread) to "cleaning scarves", among other useful threads.
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    Here you go here's a link to CB's thread -

    I have washed 90cm using the above instructions with success but you have to keep the scarf moving and the water as cold as you can bear. Wear gloves!! Be careful if you have older scarves with red or green and possibly blue -as those colours are known to run a lot.
    The 70cm vintage silk washes no problem and no runs in my experience - much easier than the 90cm silk.

    And a link to Diangrace's thread.
    Hope they help!
  4. welcome to this forum !
    I always handwash my scarves, no problems, one time I put ACCIDENTALLY an old one in the washing machine 40 ° with jeans and came out fine ....but don't try this !!
  5. Booksnchocolate - thank you, thought there was something on here somewhere about washng scarves.

    Scarf Addict - thank you too! I will check out the links and give it a go. I have quietly followed and enjoyed your blog and its a plesure to talk to you.

    Veromimo - perhaps the scarves are more robust than I am giving them credit for (I think I'll keep away from the washing machine though!) Many thanks for your advice.
  6. :biggrin: A quick update:
    I have just successfully handwashed my H scarf.
    Very cold water and Woolite.
    Thank you so much for your advice and links to previous threads.
  7. congratulations, lizs!

    also, don't forget the color catcher sheet (Shout makes some) - if you have bright colors, you'll need one of these.
  8. Thanks Katel. I must admit the scarf I washed was pastel greys/pinks.
    For strong colours, I'll remember the colour catcher.
  9. Lizs - glad you found the cleaning links helpful - it is nerve wracking doing a wash the first time but it gets easier as you get more experienced!! The vintage 70cms are "a breeze" in comparison to the 90cms!! Thank you for your lovely comments re my blog - glad you enjoy it and yes great to talk :ghi5:
  10. YAY!!! Your scarves thank you! :heart: