Help Please! Blueberry

  1. I am thinking of getting a blueberry weekender but I haven't been able to see the color in person. I searched for pictures that fellow tPFers posted, some of them seem bright and vibrant and some seem quite dark. So what is the true color? Does it have purple tone in it or just pure like navy, maybe?

    Also, how about the leather? I think I will get it from Bal NY since AR won't have any. If any of you saw them in person, I will really appreciate if you can provide some description on the leather.

    Bbag is just so addictive. I was pretty sure I only wanted one this past spring and now I am having 4 and I still want more! :heart::heart: :heart:

  2. yesterday i saw a blueberry first (while drooling over my beloved weekender..)and i have to say i just fliped..the colour came out much cooler than i imagined.. a very juicy, purplish dark blue..:yahoo:
    even if its quite dark its still such an eye catcher...
    i personally looove it..makesmethinkofsundaymorningblueberrfymuffins:heart::drool:
  3. thanks Oulaliscious. Now I just tempt it more.....

    How about the leather on the one you see? thick and smooth or veiny compare to other? Do you think the color will be nice on weekender?
  4. ..ur welcome:yes:
    this one was pretty glossy and veiny..still smooth though..
    dunno but if u look at the posted pics some are really smooth lush leather..

    i hope ull looove the colour..(but im pretty sure u will..its a very "loveable" colour;)
  5. Its a beautiful and vibrant blue. A very happy color. I wouldnt consider it dark at all. Maybe the dark ones you saw were Ink?
  6. I love this color. It's a very deep cobalt blue -- eye-catching, but not bright. It's one of those second look colors - people don't notice it right away, but they eventually stare at it and compliment it. I have it in the Day. The leather isn't too veiny, but it is shiny. It's softening up the more I use it, though, so I think it will eventually be perfect.
  7. Just got my blueberry first last week and love it! Everyone's descriptions fit perfectly. Its just such a great Jewel tone to it. It goes with almost everything I own in my closet. I went to Nieman Marcus looking for Camel, but ended up getting this one. I'll take pictures over the weekend and post it as well. Actually I'll take a couple pics of it outside in the sunlight so you can see the true color. And yes, it is a bit veiny, but that's pretty much the character of Bbags. Now I'm saving up for a hobo! Maybe in the CAMEL this time!
  8. I posted mine yesterday. Ink is more purple & blueberry is more navy
  9. Thanks for the info everyone. I really love the color. I just got a couple of pictures from Bal NY and i find the leather is quite crackly:sad:, compare to the BI and black I got recently. So now I am debating whether I should wait for the next season or get this one anyway. I called around and it seems that Bal NY is the only one has blueberry weekender and they only have very few left. What should I do? :confused1: :confused1: :confused1: