Help please! Bing Bang or Michelle Vale

  1. Please help! I need to make a decision. I need a day bag and my friend just got a Michelle Vale Travesti in Midnight Blue. It is gorg! I also like Bing Bang's Hobo.
    I cannot buy both. I have bought several bags in the past 6 months. I keep hearing alot about both designers. Here are the bags I am deciding between. Thanks!!!
    • [​IMG]
  2. I actually don't know anything about either designer, but I like the bottom bag!
  3. I like the bing bang - it looks stylish and more modern than the other bag and it looks like it would hang well (based on the website modelling picture). Don't know the brand though.
  4. Is the Travesti the one that's convertible to a backpack and all that? I think it looks pretty neat.
  5. That first bag is awesome!
  6. Well it seems they are both vanity bags.If i had to settle for any one of them I would go for the later.It is small and easier for conveyance.By the way why don't you settle for a tiny hand bag instead that could carry you accessories and a wallet were you could keep your cash and cards.
  7. Like the top one
  8. I like the bottom bag too :smile:
  9. I like the top one! Beautiful!
  10. Yes, the Travesti is the convertible one and it also give the option to change the hardware from silver to gold. Bing Bang is a semi-new designer now sold at Barney's in NYC and Michelle Vale was just named best new designer by Lucky Check out the site it is really cute! I like the more up and coming brands. I like to be one of the first to have the next Balenciaga or Marc jacobs! Thanks for the feedback so far. It's 50/50 so I need more opinions.
  11. i've always felt that bing bang was overpriced...starting with their jewelry. it's very cool, but super expensive. the bags are the same imo. so...i prefer the michelle vale - anyway, i think it has more longevity.