help please...bags on amazon

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  1. If i buy a new bag from amazon should i have it authenticated?
  2. yes, absolutely! :yes:
  3. Thanks, yeah I wasnt sure. ..I actuily just ordered it becuse it was the last one, but there is a 30 day return policy so I will post pictures to make sure its authentic when I get it
  4. excuse my ignorance but why? I buy bags from them all the time but usually only directly from Amazon itself or reputable sellers (like ebags or smartbargains) because I can often get free shipping if I go through Amazon.

    Do you authenticate everything or just high end bags from small boutique/unknown sellers?
  5. I'd authenticate anything bought from a secondary seller :yes: Even Bluefly.
  6. I purchased a Prada nylon bag directly from about 5 years ago. It was obvious fake. So I made a request for return explaining why it was fake and eventually got a full refund. (No charge for the return shipping). We never know who their suppliers are.