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  1. So i went to the store looking for either the Alma bb or a speedy b. I am plus size and as much as I love alma bb she is just too small for me. I was not in love with the speedy b's crossbody and i have 4 speedies. So I looked at other choices and stumbled onto Artsy. I have always considered Artsy but put it off for 3 NF's, a Trevi, a Delightful which i think is close but i do not enjoy because my hair gets caught on the studs on the strap. Please tell me Artsy is worth it. It is on hold for me and MIF. Do you love Artsy???
  2. You will be always thinking of getting the artsy if you don't get one.
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  3. Yes absolutely gorgeous bag, get it!
  4. I love the artsy. Wanted it for years and got it last year. Carrying it today actually.
  5. Artsy is really nice to have..i have one and really love her..
  6. Thank you.
  7. Thank you.
  9. Thank you everyone for the input. I decided to get the Artsy. It really is a pretty bag and I love the pockets
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  10. I totally get what your saying about the size of the BB. I am a U.S. size 12-14 and the BB looked like a tiny cheese slice on my body lol!! Almost comical. The artsy is a beautiful bag.
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  11. Thank you. Artsy definitely fits me better. I think the short strap on the BB was also part of my issue. I have a PM and Eva and the fit fine. BB looked like I mugged a stylish child, lol!
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  12. Just one of my boobs is bigger than a bb!! And I have had a breast reduction lol!!
  13. That was very funny... the "cheese slice" ! And I totally agree the bb looks really small, I have both Alma bb and PM, PM is more appropriate size for me, BB would be great for a very petite person, it looks too small on me when handheld only looks proportion right when wearing crossbody but it's not designed to be a crossbody so doesn't wear comfortably.
  14. I love the monogram Artsy so much I purchased the empreinte version in noir! I even use it with my LV strap sometimes for a different carry style (I know many disagree on this but I like it).

    Congratulations on your beautiful new bag!
  15. Thank you. I almost did noir, but my PM is in noir. FOMO made me check the website and I saw it in raisin so maybe I will pick that up if the style works for me.