help, please...anything else I need to do??? advice desperately needed!

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  1. Hello,

    Help needed, please! Okay, here's a quick summary.

    (a) 12/04/07: I sold a handbag to an Australian buyer (I am in the US)
    (b) 12/06/07: shipped using USPS Priority flat rate and let the buyer know
    (c) 12/07/07: buyer responded within an email saying "thanks"
    (d) 01/01/08: buyer left positive feedback saying "beautiful item"
    (e) 01/14/08: Paypal placed funds on hold and dispute denotes the following "...payment has been selected for review and we have opened an investigation."
    I have prepared quite a few items that I plan to send to Paypal corresponding with the transaction, such as:
    • screenshot of email received from buyer on 12/07/07
    • screenshot of buyer's eBay feedback (the account is now "not a registered eBay user" and they have tons of negative feedback left by people who have quite a bit to say...for example "scammer" and "crook, stay away" and so much more!
    • screenshot of seller (my) eBay feedback (I have 100% positive from hundreds of transactions)
    • screenshot of the positive feedback the buyer left for this item
    • USPS Priority Flat Rate shipping label record
    I was sincerely hoping you all could assist me. Unfortunately, I telephoned USPS to get more info about the package and although there is a number associated with the package, Priority Flat Rate International packages do not offer tracking/delivery confirmation in anyway...(for future reference, is there a good and cheap way to ship handbags internationally that does offer tracking and/or at least delivery confirmation? I do need to use USPS since they pick up for free, because I am ill and do not drive or leave my home but for doc appointments/etc).

    Also, is there anything else I should be doing or sending into Paypal?

    Thank you within advance for taking the time to read my long posting and for your assistance with this matter! Thank you, thank you, thank you. best wishes!

  2. Hi beautifulbasics

    from the sounds of it, you have more than enough to win this claim.

    Did paypal give you an explanation as to why the transaction is under review?

    Either way, I think you'll be ok - make sure you scan/fax a copy of your receipt to prove postage (or is the "shipping record")?
  3. Do you have any idea why Paypal is holding the funds since your client seemed satisfied by leaving positive feedback? Sounds as if you have plenty of ammunition to win your case but if it were me I'd sure want to know the reason.
  4. This is weird. Paypal just decided to put the funds on hold?? Call Paypal and file a complaint against Paypal with the Attorney General Offices' in both Nebraska and California. I've never heard of this!!
  5. My guess is your buyer was claiming for fakes received. Prepared your receipt prove, detailed picture of your item. It is pain in the back to prove fakes, however, since he/she seems to be a professional scammer, s/he might use her/his own fakes to claim it. Anyway, cross fingers for you! Good luck!
  6. I could be way off base with this- but since you mentioned it said "Payment selected for review" I would think it has something to do with the funds or payment method used. Did the dispute say anything about the item being SNAD, or were you provided with any explanation as to why the dispute was opened in the first place? I hope this works out for you!
  7. Try to call Paypal and see if there was a claim opened by your buyer.. or why they would randomly put your money on hold..
  8. Regarding your shipping question ... the only way to ship internationally using USPS and get tracking is to ship Express, not priority. It is expensive -- I expect shipping to Australia would be about $30 -- but since your buyer is paying for shipping, it shouldn't matter to you. Plus Express guarantees a delivery date, which is extra peace of mind for you.
  9. I had something similar happen to me a few months ago - the buyer paid by Paypal and had a confirmed address but had paid with a stolen credit card via Paypal. They took the money out of my account and when l was able to prove that the bag had been sent to the confirmed address and had been signed for - they refunded my money. That was Paypals loss!!!
  10. Weird situation about placing the hold with no real explanation (under review?). I would contact the buyer and ask them about this. It is possible your buyer does not know your Paypal account has been affected (assuming she did not start a claim, of course).

    Let me explain - one of my buyers had a number of transactions that had to be chargebacked according to her due to fraud. The CC company made the mistake of including my transaction with her (which my buyer did not intend to chargeback) and Paypal placed a hold on my funds. I immediately contacted my buyer about this - she had no idea her CC company cancelled every one of the Paypal related charges. She had asked to chargeback a few that were not authorized but not all of them. Anyway, she got it squared away and in a few days, the paypal hold was dropped off. So I believe this can happen.
  11. I think if the buyer opened a claim paypal would tell you that instead of just being vague and saying ur money's on hold. Paypal has to let you know that the buyer opened a claim and give you a chance to respond. I think this is just the buyer using a stolen CC, or stolen bank acct possibly.
  12. Oh I see now. Totally a stolen account/credit card. Keep on Paypal. You'll have to be very proactive with them and hound them like a dog. Threaten them with legal action, etc. They'll have to cough up the funds to you.
  13. Hello Everyone,

    Thank you soooo much for all of your help! Thank you, thank you, thank you!:flowers:

    I completely agree, I do think that the buyer used a stolen credit card or stole the funds somehow. It doesn't appear in anyway that the buyer opened the claim. Should I really contact the buyer, that may tip them off in case they were unaware that Paypal is on to them!

    In addition, after reviewing the buyer's feedback I am pretty nervous...they have 9 negative feedbacks and they all pretty much say the same thing...this person is a crook and stay away, etc. Is there somehow inside eBay to block people who have say 4 or more negative feedbacks from bidding upon my items? I am pretty sure I remember hearing seomthing about this...but, I would love some help and/or further info about how to block these buyers with tons of negative feedback.

    Thank you again, sincerely with all my heart, for everyone's help! best wishes.:heart:
  14. Did you ship your item to an confirmed address?
    In order to qualify for seller protection you need to ship to an Paypal's confirmed address.
    If you ship your item to Australia via USPS Priority, it is the cheapest but it doesn't provide tracking number.
    How much is your transaction? if your transaction is over $300.00 (?) you need to ship your item with tracking number,insurance and signature required on delivery.
    I always use Global Express to ship international, it a little more expensive but it provide tracking number and insurance.
    If Paypal say that you are NOT qualify for seller's protection, and your buyer pay you with an stolen credit card ,then you will lose your item and Paypal will reverse the payment,put a negative balance in your account:sad:.
  15. I believe it's totally at Paypal's discretion to refund/release the money back if the card was stolen. So I don't think she's totally out of luck if she doesn't have seller's protection. She just needs to be dogged with Paypal and ride them hard by calling, emailing, etc.