Help Please - Anyone know the name of my bag ?

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  1. Hi everyone, Ive had this bag for some time. It was my 1st Gucci But I dont have a clue when it was made or its name and price. Or any other info. Can someone help me. Its a travel bag with a very unusual locking system. Thanks to anyone who replies :smile:
  2. ^Post pics and questions re: it in the AUTH THIS we can help ya!
  3. here are some pics

  4. Hi Jill, I dont want the bag authenticating. I just want to know any info on it such as name. I would really appreciate anyones help, thanks :nuts: ;)
  5. ^ I agree.So I made a new Gucci thread called NAME THAT GUCCI..All of these types of posts can go there now!
  6. thankyou Jill, you're a star :balloon: