Help Please!!!! Anyone Just One!!!!

  1. Hi. I'm thinking of buying a Popincourt but my friends keep telling me it won't hold much. Do you think it would fit cell phone, credit cards, some cash, digital camera, compact, gloss, kleenex, and keys? Thanks. If anyone has a picture I would love to see it. Thanks :biggrin:
  2. it should be able to fit those.. but i'm not so sure about the digicam.. i guess it depends on how big it is and also the size of your cell and how many keys you tote around..
  3. The Popincourt has MORE than enough room for all of that plus a bottle of water :smile:
  4. I think I saw some thread about the amount of stuff you can put in your PH is the same like speey 30.It's a lot !
  5. Wow it fits all that?? :nuts: But Im talking about the Popincourt not the Popincourt Haut. You sure its the right one?
  6. oh yikes, i misread it :shame:

    HERE'S the thread that shows what can fit in the Popincourt:

    it can fit a decent amount of things, but it can be very cumbersome because it's a handheld bag and you can't fit it on your shoulder.
  7. Id think so are few pic's I found snooping on the net :biggrin:

  8. Wow it fits more than I thought. I love it!!
  9. Its so cute!
  10. The popincourt holds alot. It is a hand held bag .t IF you want a shoulder bag, you should get the PH. Its a great style bag that you don't see many people carrying. I guess it depends on where you live.