Help, please, anyone have lavender vernis and azur?

  1. If anyone has lavender vernis and azur, can you show them side by side...please :smile:
  2. I do! But I'm at pics will have to come later tonight.

    Bumping up this thread though in case someone else can post pics sooner!
  3. Thanks Lulu!
  4. I got only AZUR so it shouldn't help ;P
  5. What are you thinking about, Twinkle.Tink?
  6. I do, but same, I'm at work so can't take pics until tonight, fabulous combo....! tres exciting.. lavender is sooo awesome and so is azur...
  7. oooh, just realized I have lavender cles and azur cles; so will photo them tonight, plus lavender agenda and mini pochette, that's another nice combo, in a lavender sullivan GM;;;; sorry can't get them to you today Twink.
  8. :graucho:

    Can't wait to see pics!
  9. ya lil devil!
  10. isn't she though......:p
  11. Here's best I can do at the moment...

    Used to combine files in photoshop, but can't recall it at this exact moment.... argh, where is your memory when ya need it???
    Lavender ludlow.jpg Cropped post Azure & MJ 004.jpg
  12. well Mary, does that help enough to tell us what you have up your sleeve?
    it looks like a fab combo to me.....:graucho:
  13. I just thought it would be a fab combo, and had a couple things in mind...but wanted to be
  14. Getting closer.... still not great.. but trying...
    Lavender azurlud copy.jpg
  15. IMO Unbelievably great combo and can't believe I didn't think of it first! haha.... good going... chica.