Help please... all opinions valued especially mini boite chapeau owners

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  1. Hi all,
    Just some background: work has been stressful the past 6 months and wanted to buy myself something as a treat and pick me up. My last bag was the heart new wave in black, which I love but haven’t really bought anything since as nothing has caught my eye. I love mini bags and enjoy using crossbody bags as it’s easy, light and carefree. So am tossing up between these. All have different functions and purposes and I know theoretically I can buy all but I only want to buy one. What are your thoughts.
    1. Mini boite chapeau reverse: I love mini bags and the style is super cute and I don’t have anything in reverse as yet.
    Pro- cute, unique and stylist, reverse, also great item to add to my collection. Brings a smile to my face when I see it, not many people will have it
    Con- too small and expensive, doesn’t fit phone, awkward to eat in and out, unpractical and unless hahaha
    2. Cannes reverse: I like the unique shape
    Pros-unique piece in reverse, not everyone has, large size, crossbody and has feet
    Con- it’s round so rolls when worn, to open the top is awkward, can sometimes look like a cosmetic bag with top handle
    3. Speedy b DE: I’ve been eyeing this for travel and I need it. I currently have 30 DE not B
    Pros- easy to use, crossbody and great for travel, fills a need in collection
    Cons- already have a speedy 30 already, Will always be there, not a treat rather a need/purpose
    4. Pochette Double zip flower: good for errands and runaround bag
    Pros- good size, convenient, can be used as clutch
    Cons- can get bulky when putting things in, flower pattern can be bit childish, not big for the purpose

    These are my options at the moment but happy to consider anything else you can recommend. Or else nothing and back to the drawing board? Would love to hear everyone’s thoughts.

    Particular keen to hear from mini boite chapeau owners!
  2. The cannes and boite seem unpractical to me, even though cute and indeed the reverse mono is nice.
    I would go for speedy B as it's the only one you mention the word need.
    Otherwise the double zip but not in flower lol (not a flower girl myself and also i wouldn't like to be seen even dead with it having forgotten it in a bag and carrying it in the office xD)
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  3. If you were thinking of the pochette double zip but don’t want the flowers , what about the my world tour version . If you don’t want the stickers you can get your initials and wear it the other way round . You then get to pick the colour trim and inside trim.
    I’ve enjoyed my jungle pochette double zip way more then I thought I would .
  4. Thanks for your thoughts! Makes sense
  5. Where are the mini boite chapeau owners when you need them? I know @Melfontana and @Poochie231080 and a few others got it. Would love to hear you guys are finding it
  6. Why not try the reverse Boite chapeau souple? I got mine yesterday and it’s so cute and practical!
  7. Ok, that’s great to know. Does it feel heavy when you put your things in?
  8. Not at all! Lighter than my Speedy B 30.
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  9. Hi Bumbles :smile: I tried on all 4 bags that you mentioned and I have two of the four with that being said I’m am going to give you my opinion on them maybe it can help you out with your decision :smile:
    1 Mini Boite - it’s adorable and I love carrying it. It is not a practical bag but my daughter is older and now carries her own stuff. If she was younger and I had to carry stuff for her like a pack-mule then I would not have gotten this bag. It will only fit necessities - cards, bills, car key fob, lip gloss, mints, small tiny hand sanitizer, and round coin purse. I can fit the 4 key holder but then the round coin purse will not fit. I can leave it on to open and close and it fast and easy when making transactions.
    2 Cannes - I love the look of this bag and I tried it on several times. It will definitely fit your phone and more however I like bags that lay close to the body when worn shoulder/crossbody. I had to place it on a surface to open I was not able to open it while wearing because it rolls across the body. For me this would not be an everyday bag because I did not find it comfortable when worn.
    3 Speedy B - I love the look of the Speedy B on everyone else but myself. Its functionality is awesome. I have the regular Speedy 30 and I do not use it often. Maybe 10 times since 2012 when I purchased it. I tried on the the B several times and on my body frame it just looked like a puppy carrier hanging across my body :sad:
    4 Double Zip Pouch - I have the Empriente and it’s a great grab and go bag. It fits the same exact stuff as the Mini Boite mentioned above plus my phone. Like I said I only have to carry stuff for myself so it will not fit much more because it’s very flat and I do not like to over stuff it.
    So that’s my opinion of the bags you mentioned everyone has different styles and taste. I think if you were able to try them on it would help you with your decision. Also are you looking to buy based on functionality or aesthetics?
  10. Thanks Melfontana for taking the time to give me your opinion. It is very helpful really appreciate it considering you have the mini boite chapeaus! To answer your question I’m not looking for a practical bag, rather something special and unique that makes me smile and happy when I use it. Hence I can’t get the mini boite chapeau out of my head. I absoluted loved it when I saw pics of it coming out, then I saw your real life pics of the mono and feel in love. But then my practical head and hubby said why am I spending so much on such a small useless cute item and so the practical me thought, yeah that true so I decided against it. But then I saw you and @Poochie231080 get a reverse and you guys have same taste to me and I thought again. Especially you getting a second one made me think you must love love love it to buy not one but two! If I was to buy it, I’ll buy reverse for easy to care for. Just so you know these are the bags in my collection so far:
    - speedy DE 30
    - neverfull MM DE
    - Palm Springs mini backpack
    - Siena PM DE
    - nano turenne (which is use for errands, movies, date nights and even went on a weekend away)
    - essentials trunk mono (not a bag but a mini item)
    - Apollo mini backpack charm
    - Chapman rhino pochette Volga (which I love using for runarounds all the time)
    So you can see how the mini boite chapeau would fit. The speedy b DE 25 is just for travel but like you when I wear t crossbody looks like I’m heading to the gym, so still not 100% on it, pochette double zip it’s so flat and can’t fit much- totally agree, and Cannes rolls around. The mini boite chapeau is super tiny, hahaha will be my tiny ‘handbag’ ever if I get. Decisions decision decisions! Gotta keep searching and go to the boutique and try it. Will keep you posted! Thanks so much
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  11. 1. I passed on the mini boite chapeau because I like owning a bag I can use practically. Buying something just because it makes you happy isn't always the smartest choice when that item has a high price tag. If you can't make good use of it, you basically threw your money away. There's nothing wrong with appreciating how beautiful an item is and then passing on it because you know it just won't work for you. Being unique is nice, but don't get too caught up in the idea of it. You can find bags that are useful while not being something that everyone else has.

    2. Again, unique shouldn't be your main point to pick up a bag that you aren't fully content with. I love my cannes but that's because I understand that the uncommon design has its own drawbacks, which don't bother me. My sister calls it a thermos but I don't care. It reminds me of the vintage jewelry boxes my grandma has and that's why I love it. Cannes is bulky but my neonoe is bulkier. Cannes rolls around but neonoe has more potential to knock into someone or something.

    3. I don't really care for speedy, but in this case, I think speedy is your best bet. Yes it fills a need, but that's ok. If you are looking to retail therapy for a pick me up, you might as well buy the thing you know you need instead of buying something you are on the fence with and might regret later. Since you said you have the funds, buy the speedy and wait for the holidays to roll around. There might be another bag you like more, or you decide with a clearer mind which bag you truly want to add to your collection.

    4. I don't think that pochette is juvenile so much as it looks outdated, really outdated. I have a coach wristlet I bought 5 years ago that has the same 3D leather flower detailing. I've moved past that fad, so no thank you.
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  12. speedy b is your best option for practical, in a different world, you could own all of the above purses as they are totally different and serve different 'engagement' :flowers:
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  13. Some pics I took at LV a few days ago. Sorry for the poor quality! I love the Cannes! I also love the boite chapeau giant! I thought I had taken a picture of it too but I guess not.

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  14. Daisy thank you for your wise words of wisdom! You put it so nicely and hit every point head on. Thank you for giving me your honest opinion and explaining the points I was thinking abt! ❤️
  15. As much as the head says get the speedy b for practicality, it may not scratch the itch and you’d still be pining for the mini boite (I think you’re drawn to it the most as it’s no.1 in your list). If you got the funds for it and that’s what make you happy, I’d say go for it and reward yourself.
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