Help? Please? Again? Lol

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  1. It's coming soon to the day and I still haven't figured out what I want! So help a sister out!

    A little about me, I'm 5'6 and 100 lbs. I have a toddler and I wear mostly black and edgy husband calls me fashionable clean grunge I didn't know grunge could be clean. So what would fit me in love with all these items but can't get them all at once! Only a bag a wallet and a pochette he says :smile:

    1.) alma bb or mon monogram neverfull mm

    Alma I'd get in epi not sure what color and adjustable strap to go with it. Neverfull I'd do black and another dark color,maybe a grey?

    2.) compact origami in azur or zcp in monogram

    I love small wallets,I don't carry much so these work well for me and they are so cute!

    3.) mini pochette in mono or azur

    Used to have this piece in ebene but wasn't in love,it was such a useful piece so looking to buy another in a different print!

    Thanks in advance!
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    oops! double post!
  3. Hmmm...tough choices! I would go with the epi Alma bb with the compact origami and mini pochette both in the azur. I really like the portability of the Alma bb and the durability of the epi and the azur is just so pretty :love: Please do a reveal when you get your new pieces!
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    What about a vernis Alma bb in noir magnetique?
    The neverfull could be good with a toddler, but I'd pick the epi Alma if it's strictly your bag.
    Mono zcp
    DA mini pochette
  5. I like your choices
    I'd start with the pochette
  6. I love the Alma bb. Epi is nice. If you go with a Pochette definetly get the NM. The mini is to tiny.
  7. I agree, what about the Vernis Noir Magnetique. That sames to fit into "fashionable grudge". Plus the gunmetal hardware is so edgy! I love this noir/gunmetal combo.
  8. I'm getting them all at once, so yes the mini pochette is deff one of the choices but which pattern lol
  9. I love the noir magnetique,I'm just not ok with babying the vernis,as pretty as it is.i also would love it more if it was more of a flat black then glittery,that and the fact that it's patent turn me off :/
  10. Yeah he has his own backpack so this would be just for my items