Help please...advice needed!! Apple Garde misshap


Apr 17, 2020
Hi All -

I know there is plenty of info on Apple Garde in TPF but I have not seen anything along these lines. I ordered the Apple Garde to spray my Neverfull MM in mono; however, I ran out in the middle of applying the second coat (only got through the side pulls and one handle with the second coat). Clearly I used too much to begin with but no negative effects that I can see thank goodness.

I just ordered another can that will arrive on Saturday but the question is should I finish applying the second coat on Saturday where I left off, start over with coat 1 (using way less this time), or just leave it as is and hope there was some type on water protection with just the first coat and that it won’t patina too unevenly. I’m thinking I should finish where I left off.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!
May 31, 2006
If you went through an entire new can on a Neverfull I wouldn’t put anymore on. There’s definitely enough on there. If you do decide to spray more I’d probably just start where you left off.
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