help please 5'0 size 18 to 16

  1. My Friend needs help with styling herself.she always wears black.. and wants to wear more trendy clothes but thing is she is 5'0 and size is 16 to 18 . Is there any good sites or ideas...And basicaly what not to wear and what to wear... she wants to look slim and taller in the clothes she picks:yes:

    If anyone has ideas i would be so grateful thanks;)
  2. I have sites where she can buy clothes (yes I'm willing to reveal my sources). Be the best thing for her is going to be wearing heels. At that height, that's really the best. There aren't any sites that are going to tell her what to wear or not. She's not going to be able to read in Vogue or any other magazine to find out what works for her (Figure may help a little, but I found that more to be a walking advertisement for Lane Bryant).

    She just has to go through trial and error. She MUST try things on and see what works for her.
  3. thanks for that:yes:
  4. I have noticed that on Saks website under the brands Eileen Fisher and Ellen Tracy they have a section labled "Salon Z". Maybe your friend could browse through their selection and get some ideas. Wishing her luck as she shops for a new wardrobe!
  5. Tell her to try, (cute stuff), Ashley Stewart (she may have to look it up and see if there's one in your area),,, (they sell dresses in size 16) and (they sell dresses in 16 and I believe 18). Hope that helps! :biggrin:
  6. Hey lil miss! I'd be happy to help you with your friend! If she is looking for evening wear like dresses tell her to go with an empire waisted dress and the bottom should should be loose and flair away from her body. For daytime wear, tell your friend to wear dark denim jeans with a pointed toe heel or flat shoe to elongate her legs, for tops, stay away from horizontal lines and large prints! And wear V-neck tops that are fitted yet comfortable. Macy's and any department stores should carry a vast selection of sizes and well made garments. I hope my tips helped, Good luck!
  7. i'm taller (5'6"), but i'm an 18/20.

    definately heels with some dark wash jeans. then you can add the color up top. tell her to try some vneck stuff. or i've bought a ton of shirts recently with rouching, which is totally slimming. and so are things with seaming along the side (so it looks like a long, lean line).

    and if she buys tops with seams around the bust, make sure the seam goes UNDER the breast- not across it! i've seen WAY too many larger sizes wearing it like that!!!
  8. Jackets, especially fitted can create a sillouette !
  9. One of my favorite new sites is They offer an awesome array of dresses (my fav thing to wear) and tops. Also Nordstrom's plus size section is awesome and reasonably priced. I like Saks plus size clothing, but it is really expensive. The items would last for years, but those are really investment pieces. But Saks is much more trendy than NM. I wouldn't recommend them.
  10. Longer tops and if she has the curves dresses look great. Especially if she has and hourglass figure, she should flatter it rather than hide it.
  11. Let us know if your friend buys clothes from our responses!
  12. Especially if she happens to prefer flat shoes, I would suggest that she learn a bit about different clothing styles around the world, many of which have been worn by women of all sizes for thousands of years, and whose simple classic lines flatter every shape.
  13. well for starters she should stick to dark pants but it doesnt' have to be black always try dark grey or brown

    don't wear pinstripe avoid bright colors and if she wants to liven up her wardrobe try a few accessories like a pucci or hermes scarf
  14. Well... I'm 5'3" and a size 12, so I sort of know how tricky it is. Being a little chunkier can be challenging, but somehow the victory seems much sweeter when I do find something that works on me. :greengrin:

    I find that Gap has the best fitting and most flattering pants. If she can't find her size in the stores, she can order them online. Also, New York & Company is a good place for attractive, inexpensive, stylish clothes that fit curvier women. If she wants to be funky, she can try cheapie stories like Rainbow, Dots, Deb, etc. for super-trendy plus-size clothes. And if she has money to spare, there's always Marina Rinaldi! :graucho:

    One of my closest friends wears a size 18 and ALWAYS looks stylish. She wears wide-leg pants, cowl-neck sweaters and tunic tops, all of which "balance" her figure. She, too, wears tons of black, but accessorizes with bright colors - like a red scarf, silver flats, etc. She might be bigger, but she looks like a million bucks!
  15. Bootleg jeans are a godsend for these figures; but ensure the bottom of the jeans comes at least halfway down the back of the heel for a very long-length look. I also recommend reading books by Trinny and Suzanne from the UK. A correctly fitted bra will had height to a person and make you look 10lbs lighter.