HELP! Playground BV? *enabling/advising required*

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  1. Should I get this Playground BV?
    It's gonna set me back $209.90 (inclusive of shipping)
    That's really a killer but I do WANT it pretty bad :drool:
    (But actually that's less than what BVs go for retail here...)
    Also, I think everyone agrees that it's almost impossible to get good Playground stuff anywhere anymore :sad:

    Here's a pic of the back, the front is pretty much the same - only it's pushed up a bit so you can actually see Bastardino, the Latte couple and Adios on his tummy on the bottom right corner :tup:
    The only dislike for me is you can't see the pink-haired girl and the chocolate-skinned Pescoliono girl :tdown:
    (but I can see the pink-haired girl on the side panel)
    Should I? Shouldn't I?
    Should I? Shouldn't I?
    YES? :yes: NO? :nogood:
    I am calling out to the Toki-sisterhood for guidance!
    Help a girl in a dilemma!​

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  2. dooo iiiiit

    1. It's hard to find
    2. You want it ;)
    3. It's cheaper than your retail
    4. You want it ;)
    5. The girls might not be bad in the long run
    4. You want it ;)
  3. It depends on how important those two female characters are to you... Do you really want them on your bag? If you can live without those two characters (well, technically one because you said you can see the pink-haired girl on the side) I'd say go for it since you capped AND bolded the word "want"... If it's something you really want, and it's below the retail you'd have to pay where you live... You have to think to yourself when's the next time this bag will come along?
  4. I say GO FOR IT ! since you love the print ! and it is a hard to find print.
  5. Thanks tehlilone, maya, juli! :smile:
    tehlilone - you friggin killin me! :roflmfao:
    maya - really sound advice! :flowers:
    This is significantly edging me towards a YES :P
  6. YES!! Its a hard print to find it itself so why not?? :biggrin:
  7. Get it!:tup: They're very hard to find. If you buy it and then decide it's really not for you, I'm pretty sure you'll get your money back and maybe more on eBay.:biggrin:
  8. eNVii_tOkii: go for it! it's a good print placement for this BV! you know you've been w-a-n-t-i-n-g a tan PG forever.. lol.. so grab it before you regret! it's hard to come by anyway, besides... you'd remove the mesh pockets, won't you - then you'd get to see the pink-haired girl in full view ;)
  9. My playground BV was my first real tokidoki purchase and I still love that bag. I say get it!
  10. i say get it it'll only appreciate in value if you change your mind later!
  11. dooooo it!
    if you change your mind later in case you get a better one(placement you want) you can always sell it. ;) some girls would tattoo your name on their butt for that print. i think. :wtf: :roflmfao:
  12. I say if you really want it go for it. Ive passed up many opportunities thinking another one will come and it never did.
  13. go for it and if you don't like it there's resale! you'd definately get a good amount for playground.

    is it very used? i'd personally check the inside lining first, but i like my bags to be pristine.
  14. holymoly :nuts:
    it seems to be a hands-down-no-brainer decision now!
    crazygirl ha ha you read my mind! the mesh shall be terminated immediately! :smash:
    ragdollia you crack me up! :lol:
    Thanks too vmasterz, angelic*ruin, LatteGrl, socprof81, whiskers :flowers:
    That's why I :heart: this forum so much :biggrin:
  15. Ha! Ha! EnVii, you have my support on your decision to go for it! Tan PGs are really,really hard to come by. :drool:As for the pink haired girl, she's my favourite...and you do have her on the side panel. :tup:
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