Help! Planning on purchasing the Bal. Mini Bowler this weekend & I have questions :)

  1. Sooo, I love the bag--it's black (I get the most use out of black bags)

    Here are my questions:

    --Can anyone who owns this bag give the pros and cons of it?

    --Is this style being discontinued?

    --How durable is the leather on b-bags in general. I have 2 kids under age 3 and I everyday a little juice, a little milk or something gets spritzed on me. And, there are always sticky little fingers around (not the thieving kind, the truly sticky from playing kind)

    --once you get the b-bag, do you spray a leather protector on it like appleguard?

    Your expertise is appreciated :smile: TIA!
  2. I can't comment on the mini bowling style from personal experience, but I can help you regarding the leather. I have a 2 and a half and a one and a half year old. Balenciaga bags are nice because they wipe down and clean up really well - especially the black ones. I don't spray mine, I think they come with a protectant already on them.
  3. i had a black mini bowler.

    theret are no cons i can think of. I loved it! It is very large and roomie. About the same size of the city but on a vertical axis. so it will hold a lot of extras for the kiddies.

    it is still availabe at susan's SF in the spring 07 colors.

    bbag leather is very durable. NOt enough time has lapsed enought to quite tell for some bbags. and the mini bowling was only around for i belive a few seasons so you won't find it in the more durable older leathres. If you do some research on the 06 leathers... a lot of people don't really like it much because it tended to be thinnier, drier, and fade prone in some bags.

    as for treatment, some people treat their bags with LMB or apple. I dont know how it works with sticky fingers bc i've no kiddos.
  4. yay, i'm so happy you're planning on the mini-bowler!!! :yahoo:...i think it's one of the best styles balenciaga's ever made & i can't think of 1 con...i've got 2 of them & they're the most comfortable b-bags i own...they hold lots of stuff without looking big or bulky, they can be carried easily on your shoulder, they're easy to get in & out of (even when they're on your shoulder), they've got cute little feet on the bottom for added protection, they're super light-weight, they look super-cool & stylish, and the leather on the bowler's is especially nice...i think they're discontinuing it for fall '07, so you should grab one's a winner all the way around & i think you're gonna love it!!! :tender:
  5. ^^^^^^


    Mini Bowling is my new favorite. So comfortable to carry on your shoulder and so roomy!

    I have a toddler, so always have to carry a lot and the mini bowling holds a lot.
  6. I can't answer any of your questions relating to kids since I don't have any, but I can definitely tell you my experiences with the mini bowling.

    I have it in black and bought it back in December. I absolutely love it! I feel that it is extremely durable and easy to use. I can "barely" get the bag over my shoulder when I have my heavy winter coat on, but can easy do so with a lighter coat/jacket. The bag is deceptively roomy - I can fit a small umbrella, my LV agenda, phone, blackberry, small bottle of moisturizer, and a book - occassionally, I'll put shoes in there. The only con - the tassels, but only because they split about a week after I got them!