Help! Plain or side stone with 2 carat RB solitaire and why?

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  1. Do you ladies prefer side stones with a 2 carat F VS1 round brilliant, or no side stones. And why? The wedding band is plain platinum, 4mm. Thank you!
  2. Tapered baguettes are so lovely....this is what I have.
    A friend has side pear shaped diamonds. Hers is gorgeous.
    In a classic Tiffany style setting, just the diamond can look so timeless and elegant.
    What is your favorite??
  3. For a 2 carat diamond, i will vote for a plain solitaire with no side stone, so that the beautiful stone will be the center focus ... and when the time is right, add a diamond eternity ring (a baguette one will be sooooooo gorgeous!) to the equation :smile:

    you can then have the option of wearing all three rings, or just the solitaire or just the eternity ring ... depending on your mood and the occasions.
  4. since the band is plain then i would not put the stone in a plain mounting. I would either set the stone on band of micropave or bezel it. why--I really dont care for the way most side stones are set. I have shields bezelled into the shank. i like a clean look and prong set side stones often distract from the center stone.
  5. A micro-pave band would be beautiful. I agree, if your band is plain, you may want a bit more interest in your er!
  6. I agree! Though it's strictly a matter of personal preference, my favorite look is stack consisting of a gorgeous, simple solitaire, plain thin band, and a diamond eternity band.
  7. Plain or this!!
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    I think side stones would look beautiful, especially since the wedding band is plain. I didn't choose my e-ring (DH did and did a great job :biggrin:) but it has four side stones on either side of the main stone and looks gorgeous against my 3mm plain yellow gold wedding band. I actually went for a plain wedding band in the end for this reason as a diamond eternity band would have distracted too much from the prettiness of the e-ring.

    4mm is also quite a lot of platinum depending on how thick the band of the e-ring is, so adding side stones or micro-pave to the e-ring would add interest and look stunning I think!
  9. I'd want mine w/ tapered baguettes or small pears. Not to look like a traditional 3-stone ring though.