help pink ruby meets black sharpie

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  1. My 4 year old ran a permanent black sharpie across my brand new pink ruby preston. Any ideas to remove it? I used a q tip with a little hair spray but stopped because it was removing the pink color. So freakin upset.
  2. OMG - I don't have any suggestions other than maybe try some Coach cleaner or conditioner (I doubt it will take off permanent marker though) but I wanted to say I'm so sorry this happened! I know you must be sick about it. I would be.
  3. Have you posted this in the Coach rehab thread? They should have some suggestions there….I think ink is very hard to remove.
  4. I don't have any suggestions for you but I have a four year old also and I really sympathize with you. Things happen so fast and most times it's unintentional but it still drives me crazy! So sorry!!
  5. I had luck once removing a black sharpie mark off a leather chair, using a white eraser. I was careful to only rub the eraser on the mark, trying to avoid or minimize touching the leather around it. To my surprise it did come off!
    Ironically, this was information given to me by my then 10 year old Son. He said they learned it in school.

    Good luck & be gentle if you try it.
  6. Oooooh, I am so sorry. Sharpies are no longer allowed in my house. They are on my walls, my furniture…everywhere! I did have some success on a wall with a magic eraser. The other thing that works (this sounds strange) is tooth paste. Not the whitening kind. I am not sure how it would work on leather, but I have removed sharpie off many pieces of furniture with toothpaste.

    Good luck. Four year olds are just so darn quick and curious.
  7. omg, my worst nightmare! i'm so sorry that happened to you.
  8. When my kids were little I kept Sharpies in the garage.
  9. Is this the same thing as magic eraser?

  10. Yes.
  11. I think it is a white pencil eraser. I used one on my LV damier speedy to remove a mark. It worked nicely, but as mentioned you have to be gentle.
    Good luck to the OP
  12. NOOOOOOOOOO Magic Eraser on leather. Magic Eraser is basically very fine grain sandpaper - an abrasive - and it will remove the finish from leather.
  13. I actually read on one if those life hacks that a Sharpie removes Sharpie, I'd be afraid to try it though, I'd try phoning the Sharpie company. There must be an 800 # out there!
  14. It does.....on hard nonporous surfaces. On porous surfaces, nope. It just soaks more ink into the fabric, leather, etc.

    I hate to say it, but if it's more that a very light surface mark, it won't be removed. If it is only a very light surface mark, the pencil eraser might do the trick....but only if there was not enough ink to soak in the leather.....and no guarentees as to how much of the pink will come off with the black.
  15. My mom used white vinegar to remove a sharpie from her leather filofax. But I would test an inside spot first before I lathered it on.