Help! Pink or light blue?

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  1. Hey everyone! I was lucky enough to snag the nude pink Antigona on sale but I also purchased a light blue Antigona. Which one do you think I should keep? I'll probably end up giving one to my mom. Thank you!
  2. Both look great on you but my vote is for the pink as its more girly.
  3. I think pink looks better with your coloring :smile:

  4. Oh that's not me in the picture with the pink haha
  5. i love the pink one :smile:
  6. Are they both the same size? The pink one in the picture is a new model with the longer strap, and the blue one in the pic has the old shorter strap. Both colors are beautiful, but I'd go for the pink personally. If they're slightly different models, I would pick the one with the longer strap.
  7. I think the pink is more suiting for you
  8. I vote for pink :smile: looks great on u!

  9. Yes, both in the small size :smile:
  10. Here's better pictures of the colors. I'm not the one wearing the pink bag in the picture haha!!
  11. If you're giving the other one to your mom, you guys could always switch them around every few months :P I still think you should go with the pink though.
  12. I like the blue! More versatile
  13. Keep the pink.
  14. I love both, but the blue seems more versatile!
  15. I love the pink! But the blue is more everyday