HELP! Pink nail polish stain on Eggshell leather purse!!

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  1. :sad: Long, clumsy story short, I got pink OPI nail polish on my eggshell Botkier!!! Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to clean nailpolish on leather? I am dying because I love this bag so much and this is the second stain I've put on it in less than a month :sad:
  2. nailpolish remover didn't work???
  3. Oh dear, what a shame. :sad:

    I can only suggest gently holding a small ball of cotton wool, soaked in nail polish remover, directly on the spot (on a cotton bud/Q-tip, if it's a small drop).

    Don't rub, as you might spread the stain, or take the dye out of the leather.

    Alternatively, take it to an expert.

    Good luck! :biggrin:
  4. Non-acetone nail polish!!! Removed the stain perfectly!!! :yahoo:
  5. Oh, Yeahhh is right. I couldn't even open this thread because I was so horrified for you, but finally did. Also, didn't know if the obvious (polish remover) would somehow damage the bag. Love happy endings like this. :smile: