Help picking Wallets!!

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  1. #1 Aug 20, 2008
    Last edited: Aug 20, 2008
    I kinda want each of the following wallets, but can't decide which line and color to pick from. I like varieties, so it's better I end up having one from each line.
    Kinda tough,eh,they all so cute!

    So help me please! Let your imagination go wild!!

    1.Brazza [Mono or Damier or Graphite]

    2.Zippy Coin Purse [Multicolore or Damier(both) or Epi]

    3.Koala Wallet [Damier Ebony or Azur or Vernis(white)] --Azur so cute, but the red inside of the Damier is just breathtaking!@@@

    4.Eugenie Wallet [Mono or White Multicolore or White Epi]

    I already have a Vernis French Purse in Violette,so....

    Also, if you have to pick one between a Zippy Wallet and a Pochette Wallet, which one and what line would it be?
  2. I'd pick:

    1. Graphite Brazza

    2. MC and Damier Zippy Coin

    3. Damier Koala

    4. MC Eugenie

    I'd pick the Damier Zippy and the Vernis Pomme or MC Pochette!
  3. I have this one and it is great for me. It is 510

  4. Eugenie Wallet White Multicolore or a pomme koala
  5. Eugenie! It's the best. Both functional w/ all those cc slots and BEAUTIFUL!! :yahoo:
  6. Eugenie Wallet [Mono or White Multicolore or White Epi I love these wallets!~
  7. I love a wallet with multiple compartments and just bought a vernis zippy for myself, so go for the zippy!
  8. i just got my Damier ebony koala few days back! Althought its abit bulky.. Its look great till! =P
  9. i will choose white mc eugenie
  10. Zippy wallet in vernis or Pochette in MC (love the big snap!)...